• Looking for something different? Charcoal buns are on the 2017 menu. (Instagram)
Move over freakshakes. Purple veg, edible selfies and meals with strangers are ready to take over your Instagram feeds come 2017.
Farah Celjo

10 Jan 2017 - 4:30 PM  UPDATED 12 Jan 2017 - 10:18 AM

1. Veg out... purple is taking over

Purple is giving the food scene a vibrant kick! You may have seen elaborate purple macarons and sweet soft serve, right through to coloured smoothies and blueberry bagels. But while a little colouring can go a long way, this year expect to see some wholesome additions and more natural colourings put to use. More purple cabbage and beets (in the form of beet noodles) will invade your feeds so, too will purple sweet potatoes, purple cauliflower and purple asparagus.



This yam be your jam. Get the recipe right here.


2. Move over coconut water...

Maple water wants its 15 minutes and it might just get it in 2017... have you tried it yet?



3. Roll up, roll up!

This cool new trend of rolled ice-cream is exactly what it sounds like, little rolls of ice-cream with loads of toppings... because why not?



4. Edible selfies

3D printers are blowing everyone's mind and so its only fitting that they also blow the minds of food lovers everywhere. Watch out as 3D moulds, scanning and food art go next level thanks to 3D-mania. #selfie




5. Charcoal is still black

Popping all over the place for at least six months, charcoal is kicking off 2017 with a little practice and we think its only getting started. Burger buns, soft serve, lemonade and custard tarts just to name a few of the trendsetters that will continue to tap into the dark side.



6. It's time to try defying gravity

We want a slice of the action because these gravity-defying cakes are pretty impressive and you might want to boomark these for your next birthday shindig or casual afternoon tea... that'll work, too.

Images mrs_szoka / cakedbyniqua via Instagram.


7. Eating with strangers

Basically like Airbnb but for food. We're listening... it looks like sharing a plate with strangers is going to boom and what better way to get to know someone then by sizing up their plate. 



8. We are still bowled over by food

Expect savoury Buddha bowls of rice, grains & veg; vibrant smoothie bowls; acai brekkie bowls (the purple bandwagon continues); as well as Hawaiian seafood pokē bowls.


Make your own bowl bonanza with this Aztec three sisters quinoa recipe.


9. Savoury yoghurt feels

Yoghurt looks like it will go back to its roots... savoury roots. If it sounds a little too odd for you then it could be semantics, so we say just call it a dip (if you really have to). People already fantasise over tzatziki, raita and labneh so we're sure these veggie yoghurts will have their moment in 2017. 



10. Naan pizzas

We can't believe this hasn't been a bigger thing. Pizza on pita bread, on cauliflower and veg bases have taken off, we are seeing more people testing out the naan base potential. While this might not be new (or really that crazy) for some of you, for others this is a brainwave moment expect to see more and more people topping their naan breads, pizza-style. We. Can't. Wait. To. Do. This.



11. Faux sure

Looks like faux is in.. faux meat that is. The vegetarian and veganism movement is already growing rapidly and so too is the demand for meat-free meals. Look out for vegan charcuterie boards, deceptive 'meat' pattys and creative alternatives to meaty classics.


Images by impossible_foods via Instagram.


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