• Creative ramen marketing! (Village Vanguard )
Japanese novelty stores have invented ‘no-men’, pink ramen that resembles brains.
Lucy Rennick

23 Jun 2017 - 1:38 PM  UPDATED 23 Jun 2017 - 1:38 PM

Highly instagrammable novelty food alert – pink ramen is now a thing that exists thanks to Japan.

The latest candy-coloured development has come about through a collaboration between novelty stores Panda Hole and Village Vanguard (purveyor of food-scented bath salts and other whacky delights, like backpacks in the shape of steaks), after they decided regular ramen noodles closely resemble brains. The novelty stores (whose joint venture is known as Villepan) took it to the next level, though, when they discovered they could actually turn the noodles the colour of brains – a healthy, fleshy pink.

Dubbed ‘no-men’ – this literally translates to ‘brain noodles’ in English – the noodles are being cleverly marketed as the perfect food for students. And zombies. 

Luckily, the “brain broth” that holds the noodles tastes like miso and salt rather than actual brains, and the ingredients used to turn the noodles pink contains a hearty amount of Vitamin B1. It’s true – brain ramen might actually be good for you.

Being undead has never looked (or tasted) this good.

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