Fudgy, airy, with a delicate crust, there's a world of difference between an 'OMG!' and a 'meh' brownie. Let us explain.
12 Jul 2017 - 4:56 PM  UPDATED 15 Nov 2018 - 9:51 AM

Choose a high-quality chocolate

The hero of this slice is undoubtedly, the chocolate – this is what shines through –  so invest in a good quality one for a superior end product. Some prefer a mix of dark and milk, other purists (like this slightly more virtuous pistachio version) stick to dark.

These pistachio brownies are made using 70% dark chocolate. 

Don’t completely fold in the flour

If you overmix your flour, you’ll overdevelop the gluten, leading to dense brownies. Rather, fold enough to incorporate everything but still leave some nice streaks in your batter.

It's important not to overmix your brownie batter.

Restrain yourself!

Less is sometimes more when it comes to these chocolate treats, so don’t overdo the trimmings. A few berries, or one type of nuts is fine – what’s not is a brownie/rocky road/ hedgehog hybrid laden with sugar. Don’t forget that the star is the delicately crusted, airy-centred brownie itself. Don't get us wrong - sometimes thinking outside the square pays off (take these dark chocolate and adzuki bean brownies, for example) but often, it's better abstaining from too many extras.

Double choc bean brownies recipe.

Don’t scramble the eggs

Melting chocolate is an inevitable and enjoyable part of the brownie-making process. What’s less fun is adding scorching hot choc to your eggs and butter – it’ll scramble them, not to mention impart bitterness into your brownies. And, be sure to bring your butter and eggs to room temperature first – you’ll be rewarded for your foresight with a smoother batter and fudgier brownies.  Or, go for a brownie with no eggs at all, like these gooey dulce de leche ones.

Check the oven even before the recipe may suggest

Not all ovens are equal. There’s convention, convectional, strong ones, fan bake, fan-force… Do yourself a favour and check in on your brownies at least five minutes before the recipe calls for it. Just a few minutes can spell the difference between ‘OMG!’ and ‘meh’.

Fudgey chocolate brownies

Fudgy chocolate cherry brownies recipe.

Patience, patience

The smell alone when these bad boys emerge from the oven is enough to turn on your animal instincts, but brownies continue to set as they cool down, while their flavour deepens. So, hold out for a few more minutes if you can. We find evacuating the setting, with all its fudgy wafts, helps.

Black and white brownies

These black and white brownies have a creamy cheesecake topping.

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