Do you know your gâteau from your galette? Test your sweet knowledge right here.
21 Jul 2017 - 9:41 AM  UPDATED 4 Jul 2018 - 10:06 AM

And if you can't get enough of French desserts check out our recipe collection here.


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Love dessert?
Lemon and coconut semolina cake with pistachios

Once this cake is cooked, it’s soaked with a lemon syrup. It’s a beautiful cake that seems to please everyone. For me it’s more an afternoon treat than a dessert.

French apple tartlets

This dessert brings back beautiful memories of my youth, cooking with my mum and grandmother at home. At its best, it’s heaven.

Almond and blueberry galette

A galette is the French term for a flat cake. I love the flavour of the cooked blueberries in this dish. You can also make eight small galettes using individual flan tins or muffin tins.

French toasted brioche

This French family classic, brioche perdue, is traditionally made with day-old bread but now it's often made with brioche as a breakfast treat.

Crepes with chocolate sauce (crêpes sauce chocolat)

There must be more than a thousand creperies in Saint-Malo. This is because this is where crepes originated. I was lucky enough to visit one of the oldest creperies in town, and was shown this very simple but tasty chocolate crepe. Now don’t just use Nutella like so many creperies do - make your own chocolate sauce.

Chocolate soufflé with hazelnut ganache

Named after the French word souffler, meaning to puff or blow, soufflés came about in the late 1700s in France, when chefs began experimenting with meringue. The first published recipes started emerging in the early 1800s, with both savoury and sweet versions.