• Digger West, the star dog of River Cottage Australia, tells of his 'arrest'! (Paul West via Instagram)Source: Paul West via Instagram
Even the best Good Boy makes mistakes. River Cottage Australia's star dog Digger shares his brush with the criminal life.
Digger West

4 Aug 2017 - 12:31 PM  UPDATED 4 Aug 2017 - 1:33 PM

Hello, friends! Now, you might think that my life is all about keeping animals – and Paul – in line, but I have something to confess. It’s about my run-in with the law. I know I look like a good boy, but sometimes I’ve been not-very-good. That’s right. Underneath this playful exterior lies the heart of a Bad Boy.

It all started when Paul and I briefly left River Cottage and travelled overseas (Tasmania). Paul had a new lady friend and although I loved her very much, it was sometimes difficult for the three of us to share a bed or squeeze on the couch together. I started to feel a bit left out.

I got to know two neighbouring dogs who would roam the street during the day. They didn’t seem scared of anything, they played by their own rules. Their nicknames around town were Keg and Scruffy even though the nametags on their neck said Fluffy and Peanut. I knew better than to challenge these two.

During the day they’d roam the street and at night - who knows? Some say they went to sleep in little matching beds, but other sources said they were the kingpins of an underground bone trading ring. They were bad boys and I have to confess I wondered if I should dip my paw in the lifestyle of the rebellious.

One day I bravely ventured out my front gate and courageously introduced myself to Keg with a respectful bottom-sniff. Before I could even approach Scruffy, a van pulled up and I was hoisted into the back. I was being arrested! Digger in a divvy van… whoever could have imagined this?

It seemed I spent an eternity in the jail cell of that van. Was this it? Was I a jail bird now? Did I have to get a tattoo?

Before any charges could be pressed I heard Paul’s voice. It turns out the policeman was a council ranger here to collect Keg and Scruffy after multiple reports of roaming dogs. I was careful not to bark too much - after all, I didn’t have a lawyer present.

Thankfully Paul explained he was my friend and that I was not one of the ‘roaming dogs’ and the van doors opened. The ‘policeman’ accepted that it was simply a case of mistaken identity, and I was released without charges.

I hope you don’t think less of me due to my criminal past. It’s safe to say I’ve since steered clear of any wrongdoing; I much prefer to spend my day hanging out with Paul and chasing bugs in the garden. The Bad Boy lifestyle just isn’t for me.


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Digger thanks Deirdre Fidge for helping to get his thoughts online. It’s hard to type with paws. 

Lead image: Instagram / @_Paul_West

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