With so many possibilities, fruit can bring you so much culinary joy. Get the best know-how when it comes to cooking with fruit from the Gourmet Farmer, Matthew Evans.
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A pineapple fritter is a beachside fish and chip shop classic, and an apple version is just as good. They're also really easy to make at home, 25 minutes and some fresh green apples are all you need. 

In the kitchen of the Gourmet Farmer, whiskey is added to the batter, along with pig fat for the fry, for a fantastically flavoured fritter!

Try Matthew Evans' recipe for apple and rye whisky fritters here

Roast quince

Poor quince, often overlooked. Which is a shame, given they're perfect for roasting to give you a great winter dessert or snack. 

Wrap them in foil when you go to roast them, and set the timer for 3 hours. They're good to go when they bear a beautiful ruby-pink colour.

Honey-roasted quince will store in a sterilised jar for a couple of weeks, and are very versatile.

Apple sauce

A far cry from the gloop that comes in a jar, Matthew's homemade apple sauce is less a puree and more, well... , a sauce. Spiced with native pepper berries and honey, the sauce makes a great accompaniment to many a dessert dish.

All that's involved is juicing the apples (or buying good-quality apple juice), adding the pepper berries and allowing the simmer and reduce in a saucepan. Add some butter, sugar and honey, boil a bit more and you're good to go.

Dumplings in apple sauce

For a hot dessert, try Matthew's dumplings in apple sauce.

Tart time

For a seriously tasty (and a little bit devilish) tart, it's hard to go past a pear and chocolate masterpiece. But don't think that tinned pears are the answer here - poach your own submerged in water, sugar, lemon juice and saffron for a beautifully spicy result. If you can, go for the beurre bosc variety of pear.

Saffron pear and chocolate tart.


It may not look like much, but the classic flummery really deserves to make a comeback. The ingredients list lends itself to a meringue, and the final result is a creamy whip. To bring through a really nice apple flavour, boil some granny smiths then press the pulp through a fine sieve and add to the mixture. 

Ready for a comeback - the humble flummery.

Bring back memories, or discover bliss, with this apple and lemon flummery recipe.

Apple sponge

More like a pudding, you can add an egg to the sponge for a more cake-like texture, if you prefer. This recipe turns out to be wonderfully simple to make, so give it a whirl.

Apple sponge for the baking right here.

Strawberry and rose geranium cordial

When you drink looks and tastes the part! Frozen strawberries are fine for this cordial recipe, as the fruit will break down better in hot water and release just as much, if not more, flavour. The cordial will keep for at least a fortnight in the fridge, but it probably won't last that long. Get this easy bottle right here.

Love fool

A fool essentially a soft, mousse-y concoction of fruit and cream, or in this case, fruit, custard (yummo!) and cream. Use any soft fruit that is full of flavour, juice and pulp (so berries are great). Get this recipe here.


Our national desserts (shhh, Kiwis) looks and tastes amazing, and it's all thanks to the fruit you top it with. Go for fresh, summery stone fruits like nectarines to get a great flavour experience. 

When you're making the nest, don't let the meringue brown much (or at all). You may have to leave the oven door ajar when it's cooling, so it doesn't sweat. 

Pavlova all the way


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