• Dave Bayley of Glass Animals wields a pineapple during a performance at the 2017 Osheaga Music and Art Festival in Montreal, Canada. (WireImage)
Are pineapples a dangerous fruit?
Alyssa Braithwaite

15 Aug 2017 - 10:16 AM  UPDATED 15 Aug 2017 - 10:29 AM

Pineapples have been banned from the 2017 Reading and Leeds Festivals in the UK alongside items like fireworks, weapons and drones.

Festival organisers say the ban has been put in place because fans of the English indie rock band Glass Animals bring hundreds of pineapples to their shows, in response to a line in their song Pork Soda in which frontman Dave Bayley sings "pineapples are in my head".

The band often decorate their stage with pineapples, and some fans dress up as the spiky fruit at their gigs.

"Organisers were a little concerned about hundreds of pineapples turning up on site so decided to ask fans not to bring them along," a spokesman for the Reading and Leeds Festivals, which run from August 25-27, told the BBC.

"The tongue may be slightly in cheek on this one."  

Glass Animals drummer Joe Seaward has called the measure "fruitist", and said it would only encourage fans to try to sneak them in.

"Watermelons are fine, but not pineapples?" he told the BBC.

"Anyone who wasn't bringing a pineapple definitely is now. It's irresponsible to stop young people at a festival having vital vitamin P."  

"How are we supposed to get our Vitamin P? ...lets see how many we can sneak in," the band posted on their Facebook page

On social media fans have reacted with amusement to the unexpected prohibition. 

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Caramelised pineapple upside-down cake

This is a great afternoon-tea type of cake and, while it looks fairly dense, is actually light and delightfully moist - and it happens to be gluten-free. The pineapple gets caramelised with jaggery, a Sri Lankan palm sugar, to give it a molasses-like sweetness and the addition of star anise lends an excellent aniseed flavour that matches the fruit well.

Pork souvlaki with pineapple and cucumber salsa

I have a number of souvlaki recipes on the blog, Souvlaki For The Soul: salmon souvlaki, swordfish souvlaki and lamb souvlaki. So I thought one more can’t hurt! Here, pork is marinated in a dry rub of smoked Spanish paprika, ground fennel and a touch of cumin, with an added finish of coriander and freshly squeezed lime juice, and a refreshing salsa that complements the spiciness of the souvlaki perfectly. Think of this as a nice Tex-Mex and Greek marriage! Serve with a nice cold beer and enjoy.

Rice noodles with pineapple, prawns and coconut sauce (khanom jeen sao nahm)

The combination of sweet and sour pineapple with fresh prawns and coconut cream makes for a refreshing dish, especially in the hot Thai summer.