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We agree, golden syrup and lashings of butter are totally tasty.
23 Aug 2017 - 5:24 PM  UPDATED 24 Jul 2019 - 10:05 AM

It's hard to argue. 

When Paul West makes little Digger dog-shaped damper cakes with children on River Cottage Australia (Thursday 25 July 6:30pm on SBS Food Channel 33, then on SBS On Demand.), and serves them up to a hungry crowd, he asks who likes butter and golden syrup, there's a chorus of agreement. "Me, me, me". "Yay, yum!" "Me, I do".

Us too Paul.

Paul calls his quick cakes "Digger Jonnycakes". They're made with a simple damper-like dough - three cups of plain flour to every cup of self-raising flour, enough water to make a soft but rollable dough and his extra touch, wattleseed. 

"What makes these Johnny Cakes really special is the wattle seed. It’s protein-rich and has been part of the indigenous diet for countless generations," Paul says. 

His helpers have fun cutting dog-shaped cakes out before Paul cooks them on a barbecue. You can also cook them in a pan over medium heat on the stovetop. 

And then it's time to eat. "What makes them extra tasty is golden syrup and butter," says Paul, before he and his small helpers dig in. (Digger himself also proves quite happy to chomp down on a few stray pieces.)

Paul's also shared a different take on wattleseed-flavoured dough in this exclusive recipe for SBS, his wattleseed damper: 

Get Paul's wattleseed and thyme damper recipe here.  Get all the golden syrup goods and more via our recipe collection inspiration right here.

See Paul's visit to the Little Yuin Pre-school, and his golden-syrup slathered Digger cakes, on River Cottage Australia Thursday 25 July 6:30pm on SBS Food Channel 33 then on SBS On Demand

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