Binge on the entire Food Safari collection on SBS On Demand this weekend for FREE!
29 Sep 2017 - 11:05 AM  UPDATED 29 Sep 2017 - 11:05 AM

To celebrate the brand-new series of Food Safari Earth  coming to SBS in October, we've unleashed some seriously good viewing. You can watch series 1-4, as well as both, Italian and French, Food Safaris on SBS On Demand right now and for free - hello delicious times!

This could be the greatest thing to happen to your friendship circle since dessert for breakfast and here's why.

1. The best of the best

Some of our all-time favourite recipes, cooking segments and dishes have come from the Food Safari chronicles. So with six series under our binge-ing belt, we guarantee diving into Food Safari-mode will ensure your entertaining stocks will skyrocket. And if you need a shortcut to getting there, try this cheat's Malaysian laksa.

Cheat's Malaysian laksa

Top 10 Food Safari recipes of all-time
Consider yourself a Food Safari devotee? From laksa, paella to the ol' faithful orange and almond cake, here are the recipes that are creating quite the buzz on the SBS Food site.

2. An affordable way to travel the globe

Gather your friends and let Maeve O'Meara be your guide. She know's exactly what she's doing and if you can't physically travel the world just yet, then food travel is absolutely the next best thing. Consider this research and extra knowledge for when you pack your bags.

3. Beyond your cuisine comforts

From Afghan to Vietnamese and all those gems that fall inbetween, Food Safari is setting the dish standard. Impress with pilaf, spice up your side of spuds, learn the tricks to a sensational chicken adobo or master the Portuguese custard flan - not only will your housemates, family and guests be impressed but you'll also be a pro when it comes to taking charge of the menu and trying something different might be the best thing that ever happened to your buds. Kick things off with mahamri (Swahili buns or doughnuts).

Mahamri (Swahili buns)

4. Avoid the queues

If you can't do food or movie queues then take matters into your own hands. Cook up a sensational storm using the Food Safari menu and then sit back, hit play and marvel in the entire Food Safari collection for free and without having to wait. #Bestfriendmaterial starts with this salt & pepper squid.

5. Always got your back

From hole-in-the-wall to restaurant masterclass, home cook to fine dining chef, Food Safari has it all. The recipes are great for all types of cooks and you'll be able to master them in no time - let's just say having these recipes up your sleeve for those last minute guests or to 'wow' a crowd, could just be the smartest move you've ever made. 

Here's where it all begins | Series 1, Episode 1 - Moroccan

Brand-new series Food Safari Earth starts Thursday, 12 October at 8pm on SBS then on SBS On Demand. For recipes and more visit the program site right here. #FoodSafari  

You can watch series 1-4, as well as both, Italian and French, Food Safaris on SBS On Demand right now and for free 


#FoodSafari Faves
Orange and almond cake

A classic Passover dessert that draws on the Sephardic traditions of the Mediterranean, Morocco and the Middle East. In this recipe whole oranges are boiled for two hours and then puréed skin, pips and all. Not only is this cake incredibly moreish and moist, it is also gluten and dairy-free making it the perfect all-rounder. 

Food Safari's Hainanese chicken rice

A much-loved Chinese classic, this Singaporean recipe is an interpretation of chicken rice, using pandan, kecap manis and cucumber to complement the balance of flavours.

Fish tacos

The key here is not to put too much filling in your fish taco so you can roll it. Then all you'll need is a pitcher of Margarita


This Egyptian recipe for sweet semolina cake is incredibly easy to make. It's topped with a delicious rosewater and lemon syrup.

Pad Thai

This is a wonderful combination of noodles, prawns and crunchy fresh veggies, coated in a distinctive sweet and tangy sauce. Little dried shrimp and preserved radish, with its soft but chewy texture and unique flavour, are two of the essential ingredients. 


This recipe for tabbouleh is a revelation – make it and see how crisp and lovely this salad should really be.