• The 'I'm going to go get some Chicken McNuggets' event has gone viral. (Pixabay)
"I'm going to get some Chicken McNuggets if anyone wants to come get some."
Alyssa Braithwaite

6 Oct 2017 - 1:14 PM  UPDATED 6 Oct 2017 - 1:21 PM

It started as a casual Facebook invite for a bunch of mates to get some McDonald's chicken nuggets on a Friday night.

Now up to 4500 people are expected to descend on McDonald's George Street store in Sydney tonight after RSVPing to web developer Corey Dunkin's event invite. Another 9700 people have clicked that they are 'interested' in the event.

"I'm going to get some Chicken McNuggets if anyone wants to come get some," Dunkin wrote on the Facebook page.

"Will probably get some sweet 'n sour sauce to go along with it idk [I don't know]."

Mr Dunkin says he never expected the kind of response the invite has had.

"It just started out as a bit of a joke, because it was the least amount of effort I could put into an event and I just wanted to see who would join me for some chicken nuggets," he told News.com.au.

"I was going to go anyway, so I thought I'd see who wanted to come along. I didn't say there was going to be a party or anything exciting was going to happen."

When the page was created back in August, it was an invite sent to just 20 mates. It took a couple of weeks before word started to get out, and RSVPs quickly exploded to 700. 

"Then, within a couple of days, it just spiralled and went viral," Mr Dunkin says. 

People have posted responses on the page from places as far away as Perth, Indonesia, Mexico and Poland.

Mr Dunkin calls the response "absurd", but says he will do what he set out to do - go and get some chicken nuggets - and see how many other people turn up.

He has given McDonald's a heads-up, warning both the George St outlet and McDonald's Australia that there could be a huge influx of nuggets fans this evening around 7pm.

McDonald's responded that they were loving it and have reserved him a table, as well as setting aside a register just for all the expected McNuggets orders. 

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