We're forecasting a massive food coma in 2018. Binge on these shows.
14 Nov 2017 - 1:34 PM  UPDATED 15 Nov 2018 - 9:52 AM

Alongside your New Year's resolutions, holiday dreaming, long weekend planning and birthday wishing, 2018 is already flexing its delicious potential our way and SBS Food and partner in eating, Food Network, are gearing up for an even more adventurous year that dials up the flavour to eleven!

So sit back and let the SBS Food and Food Network stars do all the leg work and watch as they walk the talk and talk as they walk and uncover some of the most incredible food corners of the world. Expect travelogues, behind-the-scenes teasers, street eats, family connections and of course, food, cooking and recipes all thrown into the mix.

It's a marathon not a sprint; lucky we've got snacks along the way to keep you energised. #SBSFoodResolutions

Shane Delia's Recipe For Life

Starts 11 January 2018 on SBS

You may know him as the Spice Journey travel extraordinaire, but now we unravel the layers and follow the busy Melbourne life and food aspirations of celebrity chef and family man, Shane Delia

Shane Delia's Recipe For Life is a juggling act of deliciously epic proportions, as this series sees Shane find his own balance between business, health and family. Watch as he strives to understand and support smarter food choices in schools and uncover how communities are already engaging with food as a tool for education and opportunity. 


Destination Flavour China

Coming to 2018

Destination Flavour fans rejoice as Adam Liaw is back for another divine installment. This time he takes us on a journey of discovery and introduces us to the ancient and breathtakingly diverse culinary traditions of China. Travelling by train, Adam sees a side of China rarely revealed to outsiders. From the fiery cuisine and snow-dusted mountaintops in Sichuan to Hainan Island’s tropical flavours and palm-lined beaches, Adam bears witness to the rapid change that’s shaking up the food culture of China. 

Still holding onto those #SBSEurovision dreams...

Food Safari Water

Coming to 2018

First there was Fire, currently we have Earth, so what's next for Food Safari fans? Water! Maeve O’Meara is going to make a local splash with Food Safari Water, which explores the seafood possibilities across the many cuisines and cultures of the world. From ancient Greece, Egypt and medieval days to modern times, seafood from salt and fresh water is increasingly sought out for taste and health reasons. We introduce some of Australia’s top chefs who have become masters of getting the most out of seafood plus some passionate home cooks from across many cuisines. Raw and cooked, this series will salute seafood like no other.


But wait there's more...

Peter Kuruvita, Sarah Todd and Luke Nguyen will also be back in 2018.

Having recently explored the fresh local produce surrounding his home in Noosa, chef and restaurateur Peter Kuruvita decides it’s time to discover some of Western Australia’s most loved food destinations in part two of Peter Kuruvita’s Coastal Kitchen.

Model, mother and master chef Sarah Todd returns to India for season 2 of My Restaurant in India, this time, setting up shop in the magnetic mega-city of Mumbai.

In Luke Nguyen's Food Trail, we learn how a young refugee became one of Australia’s most successful chefs and restaurateurs. Born in Vietnam, raised in Cabramatta and now living between Saigon, Sydney and Hong Kong, Luke Nguyen takes us on a culinary tour of his home towns. 


Bondi Harvest

January 2018 on Food Network

Chef and author Guy Turland brings good food and healthy life hacks from the best beach in the world in Bondi Harvest. In a celebration of fresh, healthy food that puts flavour first, Guy creates accessible, easy recipes that you’ll want to cook and eat at home. 


Let these months guide you to Food Network glory...

Baking it big this February 

While there are plenty of masterful cake makers out there, only few have the skills to win Cake Wars. Jonathan Bennett hosts this grueling competition where four expert bakers go toe-to-toe to see whose mind-blowing cake creation will earn them a $10,000 prize. Can a talented home baker outcook a professional? A blind taste test will determine whose dish is the best in Bakers vs. Fakers, while Duff Goldman, Lorraine Pascale and Nancy Fuller return to judge a new season of Spring Baking Championship. From family picnics to birthday parties and weddings, the bakers will prove their abilities at baking superb springtime treats.

Lock in those travel plans for April

Celebrity chef Rinrin and Tobie Puttock explore diverse cultures and traditions in season 1 and 2 of Wonderful Indonesia Flavours. Bad boy chef and best-selling author Anthony Bourdain hits both familiar culinary hotspots and out-of-the-way gems in his global quest for the ultimate dining experience in No Reservations. Follow Irish cook and food blogger Donal Skehan as he travels through Europe, meeting fellow bloggers in each country. Also, Rick Stein is back, exploring Spain and the Far East in an epic culinary journey.

Jump-starting a health-kick in May

Rachel Ray has all the right recipes for the time poor in 30 Minute Meals, Bobby and Nikki will show you how you can make a healthier version of all your favourite meals in Junk Food Flip and professional chef and cookbook author Marcela Valladolid inspires with her fresh take on Mexican food with simple and authentic recipes in Mexican Made Easy.

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