• Delightfully retro 3D gelatin flower cakes. (Instagram)Source: Instagram
And how to make them - this might be the most satisfying video you watch all day.
Lucy Rennick

12 Jan 2018 - 1:29 PM  UPDATED 12 Jan 2018 - 1:36 PM

The beginning of the year is always full of promise – maybe you’ll drop a few bad habits, take on a few good ones, or even learn a new skill.

If the detox you were planning on doesn’t quite work out, here’s something to try out in the kitchen 2018 – 3D gelatine flower cakes. They’re delightfully retro, cheerful, and made out of jelly (who doesn’t love jelly?). Plus, this video is likely one of the most satisfying things you’ll watch today.


These flower cakes are made with clear gelatine, a form of collagen derived from animal connective tissues. Gelatine artists use special sculpting implements and edible food dye in an array of colours to achieve the desired petal shapes.


While crafting the actual flower may require a fair degree of artistic flair, the good news is it’s relatively easy to get started. Simply find a high-quality gelatine (high clarity, low odor) mix it with citric acid, sugar and food flavouring, and then set it with water, as you would with trusted Aeroplane Jelly sachets.


Make the colour base for your flowers with milk, sugar, gelatine and food colouring. Then comes the tricky bit: carving the flowers. Beginners can use a kitchen knife or a small spoon to create the flower shape, but syringes and specialised gelatine art tools are used for a more refined flower.

Practice makes perfect – eventually you’ll be crafting flowers of gelatine with your eyes closed. There are even gelatine art starter kits from Gelatin Art Market to help you on your way.


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