• Food delivered some big hitters in 2017... (SBS Food)
We saw, we wrote, you conquered. 2017 it's been terrific, inspiring and well, one very wacky ride for food.
25 Jan 2018 - 9:25 AM  UPDATED 26 Jan 2018 - 10:10 AM

What a year 2017 turned out to be! And we have you (our SBS Food gurus) to thank for always keeping us on our toes here at Food HQ. 

Our team has loved to write them, we've loved sharing and them and we hope you enjoyed all the features, recipes and well, social media fun that we fed you through your screens. Now that we've had a chance to come to terms with 2018 and that we are no longer in holiday-mode (we're still clutching) we thought we'd take a look back at some of the featured highlights and what you, our audience, loved to read or what stories simply felt impossible not to comment on. We call this series the good, the great, the "why is this happening,", the "have you tried it yet," the can't even comprehend, the tag your friends and demand them to make (or do) for you, the restored faith in food and humanity, the mind blown gasp emoji and the sit back and simply reminisce because nostalgia gets us every time.

All valid approaches, as we highlight what you loved, loathed and laughed at, with or to; and sum up 2017 in one wild and wacky package. How many of these do you remember? Or perhaps, you never forgot...

Gaga over salt

This knife-wielding chef's sensual salting of meaty cuts has the world in a lather. Read it here.

Knife skills and an eye-catching salt throw have made Nusret Gokce world-famous.

Kettles reached boiling point 

Americans don't use kettles and Australians are completely floored

"I try to be positive and non-judgemental but I just found out Americans often microwave water instead of using a kettle..."

There's one of these in every Australian home, but you'll rarely see an electric kettle in the US.

No, you shouldn't be boiling your underwear in hotel kettles

Probably the only time putting the kettle on has caused distress.

Soaking your underwear in hotel kettles is a no-no, in case there was any doubt. (Photo by Schning/ullstein bild)

Food passions were reignited, so never assume... 

11 Aussie snacks that don't exist anymore

How many of these iconic snacks would you like to make a comeback? #BringBackTheClassics

World realises Americans don't use egg cups, loses its collective mind

But how do you eat boiled eggs?

What? But how do you eat boiled eggs?

Musk sticks: the lolly that divides a nation

And the secret history of the pungent fairy pink sweets.

Classic Aussie musk sticks

Then the big hitters came out to play

10 avocado hacks that everyone needs to know about

What if we said that you could potentially add five months to your avo's lifespan?

Melbourne's Light Years Cafe thinks pixel avocado is the next big trend out of social media. (Kseniia Koval)

Forget white chocolate: ruby chocolate is here, and it's pastel pink

You've tried milk, dark, and white. Now, get ready for the newest member of the cocoa family: Ruby chocolate.

Ruby chocolate on display with cocoa beans at the unveiling in China.

What's the best reusable coffee cup?

After ABC’s War on Waste, sales of reusable cups have soared - and the options are beautiful. 

Claycups are one of the eco-friendly options for reusable cups.

'Cloud eggs' are going nuts on Instagram

Breakfast trick gives new meaning to a cloudy morning.

A salad topped with a cloud egg.

How to grow sweet potato

Turns out people really wanted to grow their own in 2017.

Haloumi at home

Making cheese is one of those miracle moments. Get the pro tips on how to make one of the best, and easiest, cheeses: haloumi! #GourmetFarmer

Matthew Evans homemade haloumi

But did you know it had a cousin? Meet haloum...

This stringy, less salty version ups the ante.

Like cheese stringers for grown-ups - stringy haloumi

Resourceful was the name of the game 

10 clever things to do with coffee grinds

Here's how to get clever with your coffee grinds.

The leftovers from your morning brew

This woman goes epic with her desk lunches

One Chinese woman is taking the idea of “making your own lunch at work” to the next level. Hotpot, anyone?

DIY desk lunch hotpot, could it be?

Unconventional ticked all the boxes

People brought cheeseboards to the footy

Move over meat pie and chips, at this Melbourne v St Kilda match at the MCG, some Demons fans stole the show with their rather impressive choice in snacks.

Twitter user Brendan Maloney shared this image of some Demons fans enjoying a cheeseboard at the MCG.

Sydney bride walks down the aisle holding a bouquet made of doughnuts

Meet the bride that traded in blooms for doughnuts on her wedding day.

Bride Paige walked down the aisle holding a bouquet made of doughnuts.

Wear and tear was in

People are loving the refreshing #WatermelonDress

There was an influx of people on your social timelines 'wearing' slices of watermelon - this is why.

Twitter users are flocking to new trend #watermelondress.

Miss Universe Malaysia spices things up in a nasi lemak dress

The dress recreates Malaysia's national dish of coconut milk rice, spicy sambal, cucumber, egg, anchovies and roasted peanuts.

Malaysian Miss Universe contestant Samantha Katie James will wear a dress inspired by the dish nasi lemak at this year's competition.

All of these dresses are made of chocolate

The Beirut Cooking Festival sent models down the catwalk in eye-catching chocolate numbers. 

One of the creations made out of chocolate at the Beirut Cooking Festival.

Everyone wanted a piece of food action

Buffy wrote a cookbook. There are no steaks

Say it aloud, people. Say it out loud. 

Buffy's now a mother of two and has discovered "food crafting".

The Veronicas to write a vegan cookbook 

The Origliasso twins have two words for you. Coconut bacon.

Pictured: The Veronicas, Lisa (left) and Jessica Origliasso (right)

And one Australian woman ate 373 desserts in 91 days for her dessert cookbook

Eat sweets, repeat. This is her ultimate guide to the best desserts in New York and how to eat them all. 

Diet when you're dead.

Bread went rogue - This Japanese artist makes lovely lamps from loaves 

You could say this creative bread-lover is on a roll.

Would you buy a bread lamp for your home?

And butter chicken went vegan

Anjali's butter chicken on The Chefs' Line - no butter, no chicken - made us here at SBS Food HQ stop in our tracks - what else has she been cooking?

Vegan butter chicken with lachcha parantha (layered bread)

Size still mattered

India fries up a record

A classic Indian street snack gets super-sized - and a lot of bread is eaten.

Measuring up to the record.

These amazing wedding cakes were bigger than the bride

Something old, something new… something incredibly large.

A wedding masterpiece by LeNovelle Cake

World's biggest burek?

1500 sheets of filo later...

Could this be the world's biggest burek?

10,000 eggs, one 4-metre frying pan: Omelette-ready

The annual scramble that gets eggs-tra attention.

10,000 eggs, one 4-metre frying pan - challenge accepted.

We felt inspired (and also inadequate...)


You only need a ruler and pie cutter to do this

Roll up for the world of #pieart, the latest Instagram trend where pastry is transformed into masterpieces.

Pie art done with only a ruler and cutter.

See what this Japanese artist can do with bean paste and a pair of scissors

This Japanese wagashi (confectionary) artist is making the centuries-old craft cool with young kids.

Junichi's edible confectionary art crafted by hand using scissors.

How Dinara Kasko makes spectacular cakes with a 3D printer

The Ukrainian chef has attracted half a million followers for her convention-defying pastries.

Pastry chef Dinara Kasko uses architectural knowledge and hi-tech tools to create visually dazzling cakes.

And it wouldn't be a fun food year if there wasn't an animal involved along the way...


This cat is showing off everything we love about Japan

Have you met Maro?

Adorability through the roof.

 Bring on 2018! Keep up-to-date with all the fun @From The Food Desk and @Play With Your Food.