• From Nutella bao to fries and pizza - here's where to get your choc-hazelnut fix this week. (Instagram)Source: Instagram
Nutella fries, bao and baklava are all on the menu this week, and we're not complaining.
Farah Celjo

5 Feb 2018 - 12:32 PM  UPDATED 16 Jan 2019 - 2:56 PM

How do you like your choc-hazelnut spread? Lathered, drizzled, spooned or dolloped? Via fountain, in a large bowl for dipping or perhaps you prefer to adapt the landslide approach, upping your dessert-to-plate ratio by smothering it all? However you do it, here’s where you can get your sweet fix for #WorldNutellaDay (and the other business as usual days of the week). 


Nutella + hazelnut bakba from Brooklyn Boy Bagels

Another babka? Oh yeah! From the hardcore bagel & schmear creator behind Brooklyn Boy Bagels, comes not one, not two, but three kinds of sweet, sweet babka –and that includes one that stars Nutella swirls and chopped hazlenuts.

Nutella soft serve Tella cone at Tella Balls Dessert Bar

Tella Balls Dessert Bar has it all covered in and with, Nutella. With a get-rich-quick menu on offer, if you’ve got a soft spot for ice-cream then their Nutella-dipped doughnut cone filled with Nutella soft serve is a must. Sharing = optional.

Tiramisu to Go at Saga Enmore

Only good things can happen when pastry chef Andy Bowdy gets creative and the Italian classic gets a Saga spin. White chocolate mascarpone mousse, coffee and tequila soaked Saviordi biscuits, choc-hazelnut crumb, Nutella cremeaux, hazelnut praline, Khalua jelly – a ‘pick-me-up’ in every sense of the word.

Coconut and Nutella bigne at Papa’s Pasticceria

Famous for their ricotta and Nutella cheesecakes, Papa’s plays with the traditional custard filling of an Italian cream puff by combining the milky rich powers of Nutella and coconut; it’s espresso o’clock!

Nutella bomb at ROSSO Pomodoro Pizzeria

No Nutella dessert menu would be complete without a sweet pizza and this version certainly goes big in the choc-hazelnut department. Nutella pizza is topped with chocolate mini doughnuts and caramelised walnuts – two desserts are beating as one.


Nutella Day buffet at Melba Restaurant

Move over toast – Nutella is getting its own dessert buffet. For one day only, Nutella chocolate tarts will rub shoulders with Hazelnut Nutella éclairs, Nutella panna cotta and Hazelnut Nutella crème brulee – for $94 pp including the full Melba buffet plus the Nutella dessert buffet. This is one way to put your love and sweet tooth to the test.

Nutella baklava from Fresh Prince of Baklava

Nutella, Nutella pretzel, Nutella Hazelnut, Nutella mint… these are just the beginning of the “standard” baklava range at Fresh Prince of Baklava. Taking all the good things from the traditional pastry and giving it an extra nudge into indulgence, Nutella is definitely partial to the crispy business and baklava purists may need to look away.

Risogalo from Jimmy Grants

No Greek menu is complete without a comforting desserts menu and this rice pudding has Nutella and hazelnut to thank for getting it over the finish line. This might just be the perfect breakfast pudding, too. 

Nutella + Golden Gaytime bao at Brother Hen

Take a bao, dessert. In case you haven’t seen them, or have simply forgotten about these babies, they’re still creating a delicious mess on the Brother Hen menu.

Leaning tella of pisa at Nuts About Tella

Swap your sauce for spread thanks to these sugary stacks. Four-layered Nutella-filled doughnuts turn into a burger and you can go the double whammy by topping it with Nutella ice-cream, if you dare.

Pizza Dolce at Gradi 400

This dessert pizza pocket will never disappoint and you’ll want to go grande or go home when it comes to Gradi’s calzone.


Nutella gyoza at Harajuku Gyoza

Crispy deep-fried gyoza filled with Nutella is just one of their dessert fillers on the menu; deep-fried dessert gyoza might just be the greatest comfort food to grace your palate.


The People’s Waffle at Ricardo’s Cafe

If you’re well into sweet breakfasts then this all-day offering has your name drizzled all over it. Nutella, maple bacon ice cream, malt custard, peanut butter brittle and raspberry waffles – it is speaking to the people, alright?


Nutella fries at Frankly My Dog

Exactly what it sounds like – crisp fries topped with Nutella. Why? I think Frankly My Dog would rather ask: why not? This popular fast food eatery inspires you to create your own hot dog or chip adventure through their large range of toppings – and Nutella makes their list. And for the double whammy, go Nutella fries with the ‘Pink Cadillac Dog’ – Smoky knackwurst sausage with Nutella, gooey marshmallows, coconut, and chocolate sauce.


Nutella ice-cream scrolls at Scroll Ice-cream

Inspired by the Thai-style vendors, this ice creamery scrapes thin layers of creamy goodness off an icy cold plate into sweet scrolls before all the trimmings.


‘Tella She’s Dreaming from Doughnut Time

This Nutella-lovers dream is packed with Nutella, covered in a chocolate glaze and Nutella drizzle, then topped with Nutella brownie, coloured sprinkles, gold leaf and a mini Nutella jar. Combine it in a four-pack with their equally popular Love At First Bite, Stranger Rings 2.0 as well as ol’ faithful Montella Jordan.

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