• Badami zafran halva ladoo (Murdoch Books / Joanna Yee)
No oven? No skills? No time? No problem. These no-fail, no-bake sweets taste amazing.
Kylie Walker

8 Feb 2018 - 12:34 PM  UPDATED 8 Feb 2018 - 5:23 PM

Are you a faker or a baker? It’s a question the judges on a new Food Network show don’t always get right. When two professional bakers and two amateurs go head to head in food battles ranging from banana bread to pickles in desserts (bakers and fakers alike look like animals in spotlights when some of the more obscure challenges are announced!), the judges on Bakers v Fakers have no idea who’s who.

Everyone pretends they know what they are doing, while the judges try to guess who’s really a baker, and who’s a very good faker.

If you, too, need to fake your bake, we’ve got you covered.

In anticipation of Bakers V Fakers (Tuesdays 7.30pm on Food Network from February 13, then on SBS On Demand) here are seven recipes that require no oven, and in most cases, not much experience in the kitchen either. If you can chop and stir, or throw ingredients into a food processor, you can make these.

1. Pistachio and orange truffle bites

Make like a magician: Distract your audience with smooth chocolate centres and pretty pistachio crumb!

2. Banana bread, raspberry and ricotta trifle

There are no rules against putting a bake IN your fake. These trifles can be make with leftover home-made banana bread or bought, so it's a great recipe for a faker's arsenal. 

3. Chocolate salami (salame di cioccolato)

A mix-and-chill chocolate log, made with Italian biscuits or shortbread. 

4. Badami zafran halva ladoo (ground almond and saffron balls)

Condensed milk and ground almonds come together in these melt-in-your-mouth Pakistani sweets. 

Badami zafran halva ladoo

5. Brazilian chocolate caramels (brigadeiros)

Brazil also has the knack when it comes to condensed milk and caramel. The bakers can embrace these sticky coconut and condensed milk rolls, but for when you need to fake it, how about super-easy coconut and caramel balls (beijinho) or these Brazilian chocolate caramels (brigadeiros), both of which require only a bit of stove-top stirring (and the will-power to let them set in the fridge before you eat them all! Testing a few while the rest chill is of course perfectly sensible quality control.)

 6. Hemp tahini date-caramel bars

Whip up a batch of these and store in the freezer for when you need a treat. Just as rewarding as a baked bar, but these only require some mixing, melting and freezing. 

7. Maltese chocolate, date, apricot and nut roll

This romblu tal-milied bic-cikkulata makes a lovely Christmas sweet, but with a slug of whisky in the mix, it makes an adult treat any time of year. 

Can the judges pick the professionals from the fakers? How will the contestants put their own spin on banana bread, cream puffs and apple pies? Can mustard ever be good in sweet treats? Watch Bakers Vns Fakers Tuesdays 7.30pm on Food Network from February 13, then on SBS On Demand.  Bakers vs Fakers is part of the Bakers Triple Treat, with three shows for baking fans starting February 12. 

No oven needed for these, either
No-bake poached pear flan with lime cream

This light but luscious tart uses a no-bake gluten-free crust that can be made a day ahead. 

Raw hemp felafel

I love eating these hemp falafel as a snack during the day, adding them to a collard wrap with sprouts, tomatoes and cucumber, or throwing them on top of a fresh green salad.

Lime, coconut and mint balls

"These lime, coconut and mint balls are the perfect healthy treat and great in the summer time because they're a little bit tropical and such a yummy, satisfying snack." Lola Berry