Springtime is pinktime and it's also melt-in-your-mouth snacktime.
Farah Celjo

14 Mar 2018 - 2:28 PM  UPDATED 15 Mar 2018 - 4:42 PM

They're vibrant and spectacular to look at, they create the perfect backdrop for picnic affairs and are the reason many will flock to Japan during the springtime - the cherry blossom from the sakura tree.

Every year as the cherry blossom season approaches usually between mid-March until late April, Japan goes into sakura mode and its world of pink is turned up a notch as the iconic treasure gets a creative twist across supermarket shelves as well as cafes and restaurant menus alike. The Cherry Blossom forecast paves the way for enthusiasts to keep a close eye on the petal-by-petal schedule of when those buds will flower and where to get the best vantage points across Japan.

Everywhere in Japan, you can see an influx of pink snacks to mark the celebration. From latte infusers to fruity and cakey creations, this year will be no different as Japanese convenience store, Lawson has kicked things off, revealing their own pinky version of the famous raindrop cake. This cake is already a popular selection throughout Japan and this blushing version released already on February 20 has proven to be a glittery introduction to this year's cherry blossom season set to start on March 20.


This dessert is known in Japan as pururun or jiggly water jelly that uses "cherry blossom petals" set in a cherry-scented pink jelly dusted with a gold leaf powder and will set you back JPY150 (about AUD$1.80) per piece. Smells like sakura, looks like sakura and the real test tastes like sakura even though it uses a cherry blossom extract from domestic blooms.

And you can make your own with this recipe! But don't let the sakura sensations stop there.


And if you can't hustle to Japan for the new season, then why not test the cherry blossom waters with this sakura mochi,  sweet bean pancake.

Lead image via @sarah_h1513 via Instagram.

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