If you haven't seen the likes of Kian and Kohl Nguyen, then have we got an adorable treat for you.
Farah Celjo

4 Apr 2018 - 11:29 AM  UPDATED 10 Apr 2018 - 11:29 AM

Luke Nguyen has some stiff TV competition with his twin boys, Kian and Kohl, proving they've got some serious food game and could be SBS Food TV stars in the making. Here's why they make excellent talent and expect to get a cameo performance or two from the boys alongside Luke in his brand-new series Luke Nguyen's Food Trail, which airs 8pm, Thursdays on SBS.

They're foodies

They love to eat and aren't afraid to chow in front of the cameras. #minimalwardroberequired

Two for the price of one

Food comas are real and they're quite the package While one might be resting, the other can carry the baton and you basically have a talent understudy.

They're compact travellers

You'll save on recce costs because they pack light and ride big

They're Red Carpet ready at all times

They're not afraid of getting dressed up for the occasion and these boys know how to celebrate in style.


Life is a balancing act and they're impressive to watch but also know how to turn it on when it counts.

They're not high maintenance

They'll pretty much sleep anywhere and are big believers in a rest day to rejuvenate.

Their palates are in prime condition

They eat big flavours for breakfast and aren't afraid to durian.

They love to explore a good fad

They're basically running Luke's kitchen already

So the skills are there...

They know what they like and aren't afraid to go after it

Waiting for cinos? Ain't nobody got time for that.

They know how to schmooze

Manners and politeness will get you everywhere - so will adorable people-pleasers! 

They know all the local street food haunts

They're certainly not camera shy


So where do they sign? #KianandKohl

Luke is back in his brand-new series Luke Nguyen's Food Trail airing 8pm, Thursdays on SBS and then on SBS On Demand. Visit the program page for recipes, videos and more.