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Potato bake meets everything you love about pizza in this Italian family's "gotta be on the table" side.
Kylie Walker

30 May 2018 - 1:59 PM  UPDATED 26 Mar 2020 - 3:54 PM

You like pizza? You like potato bakes? Let us introduce you to your new favourite comfort food.

Pizza potatoes are where two carby comfort foods come together in one treasured Italian family recipe. 

"These are my favorite. It reminds me of when Nonna, my nonna, used to make them," says Pizza Show host Frank Pinello, as his aunt Martha pulls the cover off a dish of pizza potatoes. In episode 3 of The Pizza Show, Frank has come home for a family dinner and with a lively Italian family, it's pretty much what you expect: "There's always a lot of people there, and there's always a ridiculous amount of food!" Among all that food, those pizza potatoes - Frank's grandmother used to make them, and now his aunt cooks them for the family, using a recipe from her nonna. 

"I know for a lot of cooks, those memories of your grandmother cooking are very, very special. And for me, it's the number-one reason I became a cook," Frank says. And the smell of pizza potatoes takes him back to those days when his grandmother used to be busy in the kitchen. 

Of course, potato and pizza are old friends. And if you've suddenly got a hankering for that classic combo, we've got you covered with this potato and mozzarella pizza recipe.

And this chunky focaccia puts potato in the pizza dough: 

Focaccia Bari-style (focaccia Barese)

But if you want a quicker (no waiting for the dough to rise) way to eat your 'taters with a pizza twist, Frank Pinello has the answer. Here's his aunt Martha's recipe for pizza potatoes.

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