• Joe Wicks suggests the secret to losing weight is all about eating more of the good stuff. (Instagram)
Joe Wicks is one of the bestselling cookbook authors of all time, and, as his 2.3 million Instagram followers will tell you, so much more.
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Social media megastar, health coach Joe Wicks recently wowed in The Body Coach, but he's long been a fan favourite. In fact, his Lean in 15 cook book is one of the top five best-selling cookbooks of all time.

It's not hard to see where Wicks' success comes from. He's an irresistible combination of smarts and charm, with enough joyous enthusiasm to power a city. Which is just as well, given that he motivates the daily workouts and food choices of over 2.3 million Instagram followers. 

“Don’t talk to me about diets,” Wicks tells The Body Coach viewers. “That’s the one thing I cannot stand. They don’t work. They’re unsustainable. I’m saying no.”

He's an irresistible combination of smarts and charm, with enough joyous enthusiasm to power a city. 

Lean in 15

The Lean in 15 cookbook series (there are currently three books) stemmed from Joe's #leanin15 meal ideas he posted on his Instagram account in 2015. All the recipes could be made in under 15 minutes and each was accompanied by a 15 second video of Joe making the dish.

Joe Wick's lamb madras curry.

The recipes in the book are a lot like Wicks: no fuss, colourful and honest. While the book is mainly about the food, up the back there's a quick workout schedule which follows HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) principles. Put the food and workouts together and Wicks is convinced readers will stay lean. Worth a try!

Joe's 30-Minute Meals

Wicks followed the success of Lean in 15 with Joe's 30-Minute Meals. In this book he takes a little extra time - although at under 30 minutes for each recipe, not a lot more time - to deliver healthy meals with a bit of added prep or oven time.

"My aim with this - as with all my books - is to inspire you to cook simple, quick and healthy recipes that will help you to feel great," he says.

Wicks motivates the daily workouts and food choices of over 2.3 million Instagram followers. 

Our favourite Joe Wicks The Body Coach recipes:

Mexican tortilla with chicken and feta

This egg omelette does double-duty as breakfast or dinner. It's the perfect option for those on a reduced-carb intake plan.

Kofta-stuffed bullhorn peppers

Stuffed roasted vegetables are a great make-ahead and reheat dinner. This is an ideal meal for those on a reduced-carb intake plan.

Chicken and orzo rat-a-tat bake

A pasta bake is a great carb re-fuel. Orzo (also known as risoni) is used as it's a quick-cooking pasta that is great for absorbing flavours. This makes for a healthy, quick chicken dinner.

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