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Love to travel? Love to eat? Love to love? Well, you’re exactly where you need to be as 2019 is giving its beloved SBS Food fans (*cough*, that’s you!) exactly what you’ve been craving. #SBS2019
20 Nov 2018 - 1:45 PM  UPDATED 20 Nov 2018 - 3:53 PM

With 30 years of Food TV already in our bellies, we're feeders at heart. If you haven't guessed yet, we love to tell a good story through food, with food and all about food (obsessed passionate, we know!). But as much as we love cooking it, eating it, writing all about it, we also love watching it just as much and here's where your eyes and menus will go wandering to over the next 12 months.

2019 is the year when your TV dinners are spliced with travel once again. When you can frolick on a 70-acre family farm, pile up some incredible street eats, raise your kitchen cred with all the recipes future you will be nailing and it's also when those trains are finally running on time.

While 7.30pm every Wed night is home to our SBS flagship series, we've got plenty of other ways for you to get your fix. Our free-to-air dedicated food channel SBS Food (Ch.33) and online at SBS On Demand. However you like to get your SBS Food fix, we're here to deliver it all for free. We might have just found your food match. #SBS2019

Coming soon to SBS


Adam Liaw is back on our screens from 7.30pm, Wed 28 of Nov (next week) in his brand-new 10-part Destination Flavour adventure. Watch as he tells a story like no other by uncovering one of the most influential cuisines known to humankind - Chinese and uncovers what gave birth to the eight great regional cuisines of China. And while this series is about food, travel, history and culture, it's also got an even deeper personal aspect for Adam as he returns to the island of Hainan, his father's ancestral homeland. Here's why you'll want your own destination flavour to be China, too.

From Tassie with love

The much-loved tree-changer, father and our favourite Gourmet Farmer, Matthew Evans is back for a 5th season! His restaurant might be one-hat but his life certainly requires many and this series is shot over an entire year at their farm in southern Tasmania - that means they've got the seasons to contend with and nowhere to hide. For most people, summer, autumn, winter and spring simply equate to wardrobe changes, but on Fat Pig Farm it's a whole different story and this hot-to-trot series is all about how to truly eat seasonally. Did you know frost can sweeten kale and broccoli? That lushes green pastures can yield the sweetest of spring milk, and that your meat in summer is completely different in the winter? Unpredictability is the only thing that's certain when it comes to this season and it'll certainly give their temporary caravan days a run for its money. Matthew toasts, "To the madness," to which Sadie responds, "To the fun!" #praisebethecows

All aboard, this steel giant

With rice paddies, dense jungle, fishing villages and local haunts, we give you the loveable Luke Nguyen and a train. It's Luke on a Train (boom!) and this is possibly the most reliable train timetable you'll follow. Watch as he goes back to where it all began as he takes us on a 10-part journey on the Reunification Express, which connects the North of Vietnam with the South - from Hanoi all the way to Ho Chi Minh City. So, if you have a soft spot for trains, Luke, Vietnamese food, trains, Southeast Asian history and culture, travel and/or trains -  this is where to get your ticket to chew, chew, chew.

To market, to market, to buy a...

Well, to cook a...

If you could pick the best items from your favourite markets from around the country and put them all onto one menu, where would you begin? Well, for the always-smiling, incredibly jovial gentle food giant Ainsley Harriot, the challenge is exactly that. From the bustling inner city icons to the homegrown regional charmers, Australia's got some incredible fresh produce markets on offer. Ainsley's mission is to not only source his own produce from the markets themselves but to also to set up a stall at each of the markets and create his own menu with those ingredients. Stressful, hilarious and creative, My Market Menu might just be the series that gives his cooking prowess a run for its money. If you need us, we'll be stuffing our faces at every single stall, including Ainsley's because... you know... food research.

Italians do it better 

Chef For Hire is exactly what the series title says. Watch as British-Italian hotelier Alex Polizzi take on the difficult challenge of finding head chefs for restaurants that have a struggling headcount and are in need of a kitchen shakeup. Testing their cooking skills and culinary oomph, nine candidates will be put through a rigorous interview process, but only one will get the job. 

And from the duo who brought our attention to pasticciotto, (those custard pies that will have you packing your bags for Italy), Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli are back for another Rome Unpacked adventure and that means scooters, food, art and riding off that beaten track. When in Rome... follow these two around.

Coming soon to SBS Food (Ch 33)

Australia’s leading food editor and best-selling cookbook author Donna Hay is sharing her kitchen wisdom this December in Basics to Brilliance, a series bringing the breeze and ease into your kitchen. "Nail the basics and you'll be brilliant!" is what it's all about and Donna, how did you know we were suckers for perfect pav

What better way to ring in the New Year than to go on tour, Lee Chan's World Food Tour to be exact. It's her bubbly personality and will-eat-everything attitude that has us living vicariously through her travels. From the markets of Asia to the food of the Nile and on to the European countryside, doesn't everyone just wish they could live their best life and eat their way around the world?

And why let it stop there?

Outback Gourmet has Justine Schofield exploring the Northern Territory, while Asia: Unplated with Diana Chan is all about learning new recipes and family traditions from her chef friends from all regions of Asia. Also making a comeback is Food Lab by Ben Milbourne who is once again exploring more food through science. Also making a grand entrance into the new year is The Travelling Chef with New Zealand chef Brett McGregor, while the in-depth doco series United Plates of America with host Gary Takle has him travelling to major cities around the USA to discover the underlying food culture that exists in each town. And if you're more inclined to go straight to the dessert cart then sweet tooths - this one is for you. Pastry chef Kirsten Tibballs is finally unveiling her tips, tricks and cheats to bring the wow factor to your next baking session in The Chocolate Queen.

And don't be surprised if you see some of our SBS family on Ch. 33. Rick Stein, Nigella Lawson, Mark Olive, Melissa Leong, Dan Hong, Maeve O'Meara, Shane Delia, Poh Ling Yeow and more are ALL coming to the Channel 33 party. Plus, Silvia Colloca is bringing her A-game in the form of these mini sponge cakes to celebrate. #becauseyoureworthit

Yep, there's a lot to get excited about in 2019, and just to keep things juicy we're still holding a candle that this might be the year that Adam Liaw's tweets finally get him across the line to represent Australia at Eurovision. We're ready to cue the wind machines and feed him grapes. #aheadofyourtime

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