• 2018 was the year of #sconegate, prawn cracker couture and avo chocolate bars. (SBS Food)Source: SBS Food
With so much to smack your lips over, we take a trip down memory lane and celebrate what you loved to eat, loved to read and what made you giggle, eye-roll and squeal over the past 12 months.
26 Dec 2018 - 9:58 AM  UPDATED 29 Dec 2018 - 12:09 PM

We saw, social media conquered and you strapped yourselves in for the ride. 

Firstly, thank you for trusting us with your heart in 2018, but we can't take all the credit. It's our SBS Food audience (yes, you!) that keeps us ticking and that means sleeping with one eye open so we don't miss a thing. #obsessed

Here at Food HQ, our entire team has loved pitching, researching, exploring, writing and sharing all of the stories over the past 12 months and we can only hope you've been digging what's been coming through to your screens. #eagertoplease

Now that we're in holiday mode and had a chance to stuff our faces (we love leftovers too), we thought it would only be fair to take a look back *cue nostalgic dream-like music* at what 2018 was all about.

Expect to cover off the good, the grr-ate, the "finally this is happening", the "have you tried it yet?", the colour therapy you didn't know you needed, the world-record-holders, the dream job offers, the tag-your-friends-and-demand-they-make-this-for-you post, the wide-mouth-open emoji and then the kick-back with your friends and family over a bowl of Hainanese chicken rice and a slice of orange and almond cake. #getsuseverytime 

All the feels are welcome as we share what stories were loved, celebrated, eyebrow-raising and laughed-out-loud at in 2018. How many of these do you remember? Or perhaps, how many are hoping will trickle over in 2019? 

Will the real dulce de leche please stand up

When the federal government banned the import of all things dairy as a health precaution, popular gelato providore Gelato Messina was on the case to master the art of dulce de leche, so much so they even hired a true Argentinian dulce maker to fly to Australia with them to ensure a perfect recipe. Read it here.

Dulce de leche translates to ‘sweetness of milk’ or ‘milk jam’ or 'get in my belly'.

There's use for fish scales?

Find that sweet spot between the scale & the skin... then bring them to a boil, strain, dry and then deep-fry for a crispy snack! #FoodSafari 

Red jelly beans have their own packaging

Good news if you dive on the red ones and throw out the black ones... Read it here.

Australia loves the red ones the most.

Prawn crackers have a glamorous side

It turns out wearing prawn crackers, shiitake mushrooms and jackfruit can be surprisingly sheike and, it turns out surprisingly practical too. Read it here.

Sine Benjaphorn's prawn cracker cosplay dress is everything.

*Insert wide-mouth-open emoji here*

This hair dryer took on roast chicken

Being a great home chef is about backing yourself – even if your methods are a little unconventional. So who needs ovens when you have a Dyson Supersonic hair dryer? Read it here.

Do try this at home.

Minnesota's 'vagina cake'

This geode cake speaks to the stunning craftsmanship of its baker, but its 'labia pink' overtone is what got people talking. Read it here.

‘Labia pink’ is a colour now, and we’re here for it.

South Korea invented ice-cream hangover cures 

Is this the post-weekend popsicle you've been waiting for? Read it here.

Hangover popsicles?

Here’s how the world cures its hangovers (with food)
Tripe, sheep eyes and pickle juice: if you think your hangover is bad, you haven’t seen some of these cures.

Plastic's relationship status: Single


Ditch your plastic straws

Plastic straws suck. By changing how you order your drink, you could save marine life and this Australian campaign wants you to ditch your plastic straws in 2018. Read it here.

It's a small act that can drastically reduce pollution.

World first plastic-free aisle

If you’re concerned about the amount of plastic you see on supermarket shelves, you may want to move to the Netherlands. More than 700 products will be available without plastic packaging at Ekoplaza a new metro-sized pilot store. Read it here.

More than 700 products will be available without plastic packaging at Ekoplaza new metro-sized pilot store.

What to line your bin with instead of plastic bags?

If you have been using plastic bags from your supermarket shop to line your garbage bin or wrap up scraps to put into your bin, you might be wondering what to do now that more retailers are phasing out plastic bags. Here are some eco-friendly revelations. Read it here.

Erin Rhoads upcycles newspapers from cafes into bin liners.

Turtle-friendly six-packs

Made from wheat and barley, turtles can eat these six-pack rings rather than getting caught in them!

Dream jobs were realised


Fruit-doodling ap-peel

This guy quit his job to pursue a career in "fruit doodling". If we were this good at drawing on banana peels, we’d probably leave our jobs as well. Read it here.

Cadbury chocolate taste testers

This is NOT a drill and yes, more than one! Remember this?

Hot dudes AND hummus

There is Hot Dudes and KittensHot Dudes and WineHot Dudes and Coffee and Hot Dudes and Dogs. But this time Hot Dudes account features one of our all-time favourite dips made from chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic and salt. True story...

What is this - a sushi platter for cats?

While Jun Yoshizuki claims he’s no professional chef, his cats don’t seem to mind too much. They’re treated to spectacular home-made sushi and sashimi feasts – a few times a year, usually on their birthdays. Read it here.

Who needs the store-bought pet stuff?


Blue, blue wine

A new bright blue wine, called Vindigo, is making a surprisingly good impression in southern France.

Pink lettuce took over the gram

Replace your greens with your pinks. #saladsofinstagram Check it out here.

What's pink and radicchio-lously beautiful?

Flipbook-style dessert

As you cut into the chocolate and jelly log, a different image is revealed. Read it here.

You won’t believe the detail that goes into these chocolates.

Records were made to be broken

11,800 pieces of baklava later

Weighing over 500 kilos, the giant tray of syrupy gold was presented and served at a "Gastronomy Summit" in the Turkish capital, Ankara. Break us off a piece of that!

World's largest baklava

521 kilos of cinnamon scrolling

The world's largest cinnamon bun also stretches almost 3-metres long. As a handy point of reference, this is more than the weight of an average fully grown moose. That is one big bun. Read it here.

Japanese melons sell for $38,000 at auction

You’ll never complain about the cost of an avocado again. Read how this played out.

24,000 rice crackers = Mona Lisa's smile

The Louvre may need to watch out as Japan has once again proved that they never do things by halves. It's a cracker of a way to break a record and read it all here.

The Louvre may need to watch out.

Afternoon tea still packs a punch


Express yourself through espresso

While we’re busy deciding between a cold drip or a flat white in the morning, 36-year-old Nigerian visual artist Ekene Ngige is pondering how best to use coffee to grapple with issues like terrorism, poverty and religion. Read it here. 

There's a buzz about Ekene Ngige's work.

Would you eat an avo toast chocolate bar?

Was this a stroke of culinary genius, or taking the 'cado craze too far? And are we talking breakfast or dessert - or does it even matter? So many avo-nues such little time. Read it here.

A stroke of culinary genius, or taking the 'cado craze too far? (Instagram)


We never knew scones could make people this upset, but Britain's great scone debate was bound to distress: to jam or cream first? This is how it went down.

The original post that sparked the debate had jam on top but plenty say that's the wrong order.


Exactly what it sounds like: a croissant filled with sushi and not all flavour combos are created equal. Read it here.

So wrong it's right?

Can't talk, watching...

Why are we so mesmerised watching people make food?

More than 10 million people have paused their day to watch a guy make Chinese noodles in a street food video. Read it here.

These Pasta Grannies are speaking our food language

The art of hand-making pasta may be disappearing in Italy - but these 'pasta grannies' are keeping the tradition alive.

Giant. Fererro.

Our most commented and liked video on Instagram goes to this chocolate beauty and sweet beast. We can't wait to see what more #sbscolourtherapy inspo lands on our screens for your viewing pleasure in 2019.

Sourdough (party) starter 

We loaf you... and they're almost too pretty to eat. Almost. 


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