• The Yogic Kitchen by Jody Vassallo (Luisa Brimble)
Packed full of easy recipes and gentle advice the Ayurvedic way, The Yogic Kitchen translates Jody Vassallo's passion for good food and good health (as well as stylish living) into a cookbook that does all the work for you.
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B. Hide (NSW)

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The Yogic Kitchen offers a quiet argument for a food-as-medicine approach to health, based on the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda.

In this brand-new cookbook, Ayurvedic health coach, skilled cook and passionate yoga teacher Jody Vassallo showcases 100 recipes as well as a holistic guide to Ayurveda that shows people how to identify which of the three main constitutions (or doshas) they are and how you can support your dosha with the right food medicine.

Read our interview with author Jody Vassallo right here.


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A taster of what's inside...

Marinated chicken with coconut lime dressing

Tahini and rose halva cookies

Black sesame porridge

Vegan choc peanut butter cake 

Vegan choc penut butter cake

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Each prize consists of one copy of The Yogic Kitchen, and we have three books to give away.

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