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Edible gifts to make this Mother's Day the sweetest yet! (and savoury options too)
Lauren Sams

8 May 2019 - 3:36 PM  UPDATED 8 May 2019 - 3:36 PM

Your mum already has slippers. She’s got pyjamas and perfume and honestly, she’d probably rather choose a pair of earrings herself (#realtalk). What she doesn’t have is a box of fresh, homemade red velvet cookies. Or a jar of toasty granola, mixed with exactly the nuts and seeds she loves. Or a pack of cherry ripe bits, hand-dipped in dark chocolate by… you. Here’s our guide to the best edible gifts for Mother’s Day. Enjoy. And maybe make a double batch. She raised you, after all – she deserves a second helping of bacon bourbon brittle


For the mum with a sweet tooth

Cardamom and orange truffles

Spiked with fragrant cardamom and rich orange, these truffles are pretty darn hard to put down.

Fleur de sel pecan caramels

Creamy and sweet, with a dash of salt, these are the perfect after-dinner treat.

Fleur de Sel pecan caramels

Red velvet cookies

Soft, subtly-flavoured cookies sandwiched together with sweet cream: serve with coffee and revel in the sugar high.

Honey and orange blossom marshmallows

Everyone knows that true love is making marshmallows from scratch.

Homemade Twix bars

Ditto homemade Twix bars.


If Christina Tosi’s “crackle” (part Momofuku Milk Bar Crack Pie, part brittle) can’t make Mum happy, nothing can.

Caramel sauce

Pack this into a jar, and make sure to add a spoon. She’ll want to eat it straight.

Turkish delight

Perfumed with rosewater, Turkish delight lasts for ages, so it makes a great edible gift. We predict this one will be gobbled up pretty quickly, though.


For the mum who prefers her treats salty and savoury

Rosemary-spiced cashews

Super simple to whip up, these make a great last-minute gift. Mum doesn’t need to know that, though.

Walnut and rosemary crackers

Buy a wheel of expensive, decadent cheese to go with. A bottle of champagne wouldn’t go astray, either.

Bacon bourbon brittle

A little salty, a little sweet, this brittle is infinitely more-ish.


For mums who rock it a little retro

Cherry and orange Florentines

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned Florentine? This version uses decadent dark chocolate.

Lemon meringue kisses

Sweet, tart lemon curd nestled in between crunchy meringue. Delicious with tea, or on their own.

Moroccan rocky road

Both traditional and twisted, this rocky road evokes the flavours of the Middle East.


For mums who are really into that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” idea


Maple, cardamom and almond granola

If she doesn’t love almonds, swap them out for a nut she’s into.

Granola bars

Delicious and transportable, like the goon bags Mum tried to warn you about. 

Coconut banana bread

Score double points by delivering it before breakfast is served, so she can eat it fresh.


For mums who like their treats on the healthy(ish) side


Superfood nut butter cups

For mums who want to cut back on refined sugar, but still want a yummy treat. Topped with good-quality salt, these will make her day.

Cherry ripe bites

Sub in strawberries if you can’t find cherries in season.

Raw berry and chocolate torte

Topped with a heap of berries, this looks as amazing as it tastes. Happy Mother’s Day indeed!

Raw berry and chocolate torte

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