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It's Gabriel Gaté's final Tour, so we're celebrating with a huge French cook-up (aka "mastering the art of French cuisine") by giving away some of our favourite cookbooks. Inscris-toi et cours la chance de gagner!
10 Jul 2019 - 11:00 AM  UPDATED 10 Jul 2019 - 11:00 AM

It's going to be very hard to say goodbye to Gabriel Gaté at the end of this year's Tour de France. His dedication to cheese is almost on par with the riders' love of lycra and through Taste Le Tour, Monsieur Gaté has proven for 14 years that together the two are winners.

Since he's also the author of an amazing 23 cookbooks, we thought it fitting to wave goodbye with a hearty cookbook giveaway. It seems only fair.

Celebrating all things Gaté and friends

The cookbooks we've chosen celebrate all things Gaté and all things French in honour of the Tour guide himself as well as our selection of French fare on SBS Food (Ch. 33) for the month of July - there's plenty to love. We'll be selecting nine winners to each win a book, randomly chosen from our book pack.

Books on offer include seven by Gabriel Gaté. To round out French cooking pack, we've added Rachel Khoo's My Little French Kitchen and Luke Nguyen's France - both kitchen essentials to any gastronome's bookshelf.

Find the recipe here.

Three copies of A Cook's Tour of France

This cook book will let you taste and smell the luscious regions visited by the Tour. "The gastronomy of France is quite simply superb," writes Gaté. "Its outstanding fish and seafood, excellent wines and liqueurs, extraordinary cheeses, unique range of charcuteries, delicious bread, cakes and patisseries are a constant delight for the French people."

 "The gastronomy of France is quite simply superb," writes Gaté.

So French, So Sweet love affair

This cook book reads like a love letter to pâtisserie, baking and sweet treats. With a focus on fresh seasonal ingredients and home-style cooking, Gabriel shows just how simple it is to create delightful treats for everyone to enjoy. 

Frozen apricot soufflé with hazelnut praline

Finish off a special dinner with this frozen dessert. It’s made with softened dried apricots, and there is no last-minute preparation.

French apple tartlets

This dessert brings back beautiful memories of my youth, cooking with my mum and grandmother at home. At its best, it’s heaven.

Almond and blueberry galette

A galette is the French term for a flat cake. I love the flavour of the cooked blueberries in this dish. You can also make eight small galettes using individual flan tins or muffin tins.

100 best cakes and desserts

If Gabriel Gaté says these are the best, then they're the best. Each recipe adds Gabriel’s unique style and flair that has made him one of Australia’s much-loved home-style cooks.

Get the recipe here.

If Gabriel Gaté says these are the best, then they're the best.

Taste of France keepsake

The little pink keepsake is out of print and out of stock in most bookstores, so winning this copy might be your chance to get your hands on it. 

Recipes include cheese soufflé from the Jura Region, lamb casserole with green olives from the Languedoc/Pyrenees Region, beef and beer stew from the Northern Region, and hazelnut meringue with chestnut cream and raspberries from The Alps Region.

Rachel Khoo and Luke Nguyen

Adding their own unique flavours to French cooking, Rachel Khoo and Luke Nguyen round out our Gabriel Gaté French gastronome feast beautifully. 

These two cookbooks capture French cooking from very different perspectives.


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