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What a week in food. Stay in the loop this weekend with insta-famous cheesecake, traditional Singaporean fare and Eddie Huang delivering realness. Here are the top headlines… #WeekendBinge
Camellia Ling Aebischer

23 Aug 2019 - 2:46 PM  UPDATED 23 Aug 2019 - 3:35 PM

Since you’ve been so good all week, we have a few treats up our sleeves to binge on this weekend. Feel like a cooking project? You bet we’ve got the right dish. Want to venture out for a new snack? We've got your back. In need of a social clip to laugh at? Even better!

Hope you’ve got an appetite because here is your weekly serving of what to read, eat, watch and feed this week in the world of the food-obsessed. Just bring yourself.


Burnt Basque cheesecake is the dessert the whole world is craving right now

When it comes to baking, “don’t burn it” is generally a pretty good rule to stick by. Unless you’re making this northern Spanish speciality, that is. This crustless cheesecake resembles a giant scorched Portuguese tart, and hails from the Basque region of northern Spain. Its origins can be traced to one restaurant, La Viña.

This dessert is hot in all the right ways.


How your flat white can empower women in developing countries

The part of the meat industry no one likes to talk about



Old Raffles Place

Alan and Carol Han named their cafe after the founder of modern Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles, and started serving coffee and simple dishes like bacon and eggs. “But the name ‘Raffles’ caught the attention of students and local Asians and they started asking for carrot cake and Hokkien mee, food that relates to Singapore, so the place started changing and that’s how the journey began,” Alan says.

The restaurant serves two types of char kway teow – like the Penang style, made with flat rice noodles.


The act of kindness behind one of Sydney's best burgers

Trini roti is the bread you’ll want to eat all day, every day



Huang’s World

Meet Eddie Huang. He went to law school, told jokes, opened a restaurant, wrote a bestseller and now he’s here, drinking burgundy in Burgundy and eating ancient foods in Istanbul. Huang’s World serves up the local cultures of the world with a bit of trash talk in between.



Ainsley’s ultimate jerk chicken

Taste the Caribbean with Ainsley Harriott’s jerk chicken recipe. In the words of Ainsley, “’jerking’ is all about maximising flavour.” The marinade usually includes allspice and super-hot Scotch bonnet chillies, but they can be tweaked depending on your tastes.


Clap-hand roti

Baked cauliflower with black beans and coconut



Carrot guy – look out for him on the streets of Melbourne.


What in the world?!

Last week: Chocolate fried eggs – not fried.

Chocolate fried eggs

This novel treat would be a fun addition to regular chocolate eggs at Easter. 

Can you guess this dish? The answer will be revealed in next Friday’s instalment of Weekend Binge.

Hint: it's not meatballs.

Tomato and mozzarella pizzette (pizzette con pomodoro e mozzarella)
You can vary the toppings on your pizzette and serve them as an antipasto at dinner parties. There are five varieties in this chapter, but please experiment with your favourite pizza ingredients. Just remember the rule of keeping it simple and seasonal – and no more than three toppings on a single pizzetta.
Baked makrut lime & coconut rice pudding

To make this aromatic pudding extra special, you can ‘brûlée’ the top, just like the coconut and pandan version right here.

If you're on a diet, don't look at fatty foods while you're hungry
New research out of Japan suggests that even the best dieter can fall prey to the temptation of fast food if they're exposed to images of hamburgers and pizza while they're hungry.
Win a Grazing Down the Lachlan foodie adventure weekend
We're giving you the chance to win a weekend away for two in Forbes, NSW, for a regional and cultural food experience, valued up to $5,000, with flavour powerhouse and Sydney's Lankan Filling Station's very own O Tama Carey leading the menu charge.
What Myanmar refugees think about the food in Australia
How do you adapt to Australia's plentiful food lifestyle after you're been living in a refugee camp for years, eating dried food rations? A new research project sought to find out.
11 recipes to take you on a pork rib world tour
From slow-smoked American barbecue and spicy honey chipotle to a baked Australian classic - pack your bibs.