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What a week in food. Stay in the loop this weekend with fresh mooncakes, independent food films and 14 breakfast from leftovers ideas. Here are the top headlines… #WeekendBinge
Camellia Ling Aebischer

13 Sep 2019 - 5:24 PM  UPDATED 13 Sep 2019 - 5:25 PM

Since you’ve been so good all week, we have a few treats up our sleeves to binge on this weekend. Feel like a cooking project? You bet we’ve got the right dish. Want to venture out for a new snack? We've got your back. In need of a social clip to laugh at? Even better!

Hope you’ve got an appetite because here is your weekly serving of what to read, eat, watch and feed this week in the world of the food-obsessed. Just bring yourself.


Refugee cousins cook together again after shock 11-year reunion

Judy Cole fled Liberia in 1993 and after nine years in a refugee camp, was settled in Tasmania in 2002. So when she received a phone call one evening in 2004 from a friend saying a new family from Liberia had just arrived, she obliged and went along to meet them.

“When the door opened and I saw my [cousin] I just started screaming and we both started crying. We couldn’t even talk we were just so happy crying.

Left to right: Judy, Vince and Victoria.


A new low-cost grocery store is helping inner-city residents doing it tough to eat better

Why this Asian sweet treat is the whey to our hearts



Why you need to try the mooncakes from Jim’s Malaysia

Each mooncake is then filled with a paste. For Yong, it’s an opportunity for him to experiment with different flavours, such as black sesame egg custard, chestnut lotus seed, pandan lotus seed, and durian lotus seed. He also creates more traditional fillings such as lotus seed and salted egg yolk and red bean.

Jim’s Malaysia continues its mooncake-making tradition this year.


Pulled tea, peanut pancakes, and Ramly burgers at Malaysia Fest

This couple serves traditional Javanese food from an old church hall



Flavour Swap at the SBS Short Film Festival

SBS is releasing a series of short films exclusively on SBS On Demand from Friday 13 September to Sunday 15. The festival will showcase 14 short films, over three days, from emerging Australian creatives. There are two heart-warming food films, Bananas and Flavour Swap, which will be aired on Friday and Sunday respectively.



14 ways to turn leftovers into brilliant brekkies

14 breakfast options using things you already have? Yes please!

Bubble bap



Indian naan bread

Judy’s extra-hot chilli sauce



This big-ass burrata.


What in the world?!

Last week: A naturally-purple sweet purple potato sticky rice cake that looks like the tongue of a rugged Australian reptile.

Sweet purple potato rice cakes (purple potato mochi)

This delicious recipe is for sweet - and bright - Japanese rice and purple potato cakes. You can substitute other leaves for the shell ginger, but it will affect the mochi’s distinctive floral and herbal aroma.

Now, the fun part. Can you guess this dish? The answer will be revealed in next Friday’s instalment of Weekend Binge.

Sheet cake is the retro baking trend making a big comeback
With a big baking pan, you can feed more mouths - or treat your cake like a canvas.
The family secret to this slow-cooked Indian breakfast
Nihari, a slow-cooked, spiced beef dish, varies from region to region and Sumaiya Jawedan likes it ultra-rich.
Curried potatoes with fried egg

The perfect fridge-ends dish: when the potatoes are left overnight, they dry out, so when you fry them they take on all the flavours and become incredibly crisp.

Nihari pasta with saffron and bone marrow sauce (Capelli del prete alla nihari)

Italian-restaurant chefs transformed the flavours of Indian Muslim spicy beef stew into a rich and elegant pasta dish. 'Capelli del prete' means priest's hat, as the pasta is folded into a shape similar to its namesake. 

Spice-crusted fish with oxtail, prawn and cassava

This multi-component dish is perfect for when you feel like getting experimental in the kitchen with flavours, and need a meal that will seriously impress. 

Liberian cassava leaf and meat

A one-pot wonder, this key to this flavourful stew is a homemade African seasoning. 

Your falafel may not be as healthy as you think
In case you needed another reason to cook with fresh ingredients at home, a new report has found that some pre-made meat-free products contain high quantities of salt.
Forage your salad: 7 good-for-you greens to save from the compost
Take a wander through your kitchen food forest and cook up a freebie feast. #GourmetFarmer