• Persian noodle soup at Cafe Sunshine (Cafe Sunshine)Source: Cafe Sunshine
What a week in food. Stay in the loop this weekend with pepper tails, Persian noodle soup, bangin' burek and a big fat bacon and egg pie. Here are the top headlines… #WeekendBinge
Camellia Ling Aebischer

4 Oct 2019 - 4:39 PM  UPDATED 4 Oct 2019 - 4:46 PM

Since you’ve been so good all week, we have a few treats up our sleeves to binge on this weekend. Feel like a cooking project? You bet we’ve got the right dish. Want to venture out for a new snack? We've got your back. In need of a social clip to laugh at? Even better!

Hope you’ve got an appetite because here is your weekly serving of what to read, eat, watch and feed this week in the world of the food-obsessed. Just bring yourself.


Why black pepper isn't all it's cracked up to be

While black pepper’s effect on world events has been profound, the story of Indigenous mountain pepper – which has been growing wildly in Tasmania and east coast of Australia for thousands of years – is just as fascinating.

Harvested mountain pepper.


Japan's shokupan is the upper crust of white loaves

The course helping youths find careers in the heart of Australia

This home restaurant serves a slice of Italy on an Aussie back verandah



Persian-Australian brunch and saffron tea is served at this refugee-run eatery

Hamed Allahyari wanted to open a restaurant and it was a conversation with Jen Morillas, another ASRC kitchen volunteer, that inspired what would become Cafe Sunshine & SalamTea – the business they now run together.

They were discussing how tough it is for refugees to get work (“there are many people like me: because they don’t have references and qualifications in Australia, they don’t find jobs easily,” he says), so she suggested opening a social enterprise cafe-restaurant that hired asylum seekers and gave them necessary work and experience.

Cafe Sunshine & SalamaTea is one of the suburb's multicultural highlights.


This bakery is a shrine to the joy of burek

Enjoy moussaka pie and baklava cheesecake at this Greek bakery

This Sydney pop-up offers a taste of Nigerian food and culture



Nigella Feasts

A delectable series from the domestic goddess herself, Nigella Lawson. Prepare for a total immersion in Nigella's food life and the delicious feasts she cooks for herself, her friends and her family. Time to put on your comfy pants.



Paul Hollywood's bacon and egg pie

It looks kinda weird but trust us, it's like a bulk breakfast fantasy wrapped in pastry.



This 3kg provola affumicata (a briefly-smoked fresh Italian cheese) being carved like a steak:


What in the world?!

Last week: a pinkish dip that puts hummus to shame. 

Roasted red pepper and walnut dip (muhammara)

“A couple of hours south of Amman is the awe-inspiring Wadi Rum, where I spent a night camping and eating with the Bedouin. They cooked a marinated and delicately spiced whole lamb dish called zarb, which was buried in a firepit in the ground and cooked for about 4 hours. It was the most amazing, sweet-tasting and meltingly soft lamb I’ve ever tasted. We ate it under the stars with local flatbread and a good dollop of this smoky sweet red pepper dip.” Ainsley Harriott, Ainsley Harriott’s Street Food



Now, the fun part. Can you guess this dish? The answer will be revealed in next Friday’s instalment of Weekend Binge.

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Whiting baked in paperbark with dill mayonnaise

Paperbark has many uses, from cooking to shelter or as a canvas for art. It can be purchased online through speciality retailers. Just make sure they are harvesting it sustainably as it takes years for a tree to produce.

Almost 4-in-10 African immigrants are vitamin D deficient: study
A nationwide study estimates that 36 per cent of all African immigrants living in Australia are not getting enough vitamin D from the sun or the food they eat.
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