• Half an avo with soy sauce (Camellia Aebischer)Source: Camellia Aebischer
We asked for the best seasonings to put away the beloved half-avo snack. You answered...
Camellia Ling Aebischer

31 Jan 2020 - 3:02 PM  UPDATED 3 Feb 2020 - 12:09 PM

There’s half an avocado in the fridge and the top layer of exposed green flesh is drying and donning a light brown tinge. It’s snack time, but there’s a problem - there's no bread in sight. Crackers? Not even a few.

Armed with a spoon and peering into the cupboard, you must make an important decision. How will it be seasoned?

The question sparked some interesting answers across SBS Food HQ, with Managing Editor Farah Celjo revealing her mother’s addition of sour cream and honey (later to be trumped by a new staple of chilli oil and salt). Migrating to Australia from Bosnia, Farah's mother was first introduced to the avo life with a sour cream tang and sweet honey combo that demanded a tablespoon. You better believe Farah got this introduction as well.

Armed with a spoon and peering into the cupboard, you must make an important decision. How will it be seasoned?

Online Editor Camellia’s half-Chinese household took similar cultural influence, with countless half-avos succumbing to a splash of soy sauce straight into the pip well.

The options seemed boundless, the avocado a perfect vessel for flavour. So, earlier this week we took to the internet to find out how our audience enjoys a half-avo snack, and the results are impressive.

Things got off to a relaxed start, with the usual suspects.

Feelin' these salad vibes

Some other savoury numbers were mentioned - yum!

You guys really like bacon, huh?! That's cool!

Hang on a second... vanilla ice cream?!

It may sound odd but think Vietnamese avocado smoothie vibes. Surprisingly, team sweet was out in force on this one.

Dessert avo, we're all about it.

But not to be forgotten is this gem. A one-up on plain soy.

Quickly trumped by...


It's been an inspiring journey and this was just a drop in the ocean of mouth-watering combos our followers recommended. If you've got a full on flavour combo jump on our Instagram post here and tell us in the comments!

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