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We have three copies of Food Safari: Earth Fire Water and five copies of French Food Safari to give away.
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Incredible recipes, vibrant stories and a passion for the people behind them; this is exactly what Food Safari with Maeve O'Meara is all about. A celebration of the places, faces and culture that makes up multicultural Australia and, of course, the food. Oh yes, the food.

French Food Safari

French Food Safari is a celebration of exquisite French cuisine in all its delicious complexity, filmed around Australia and France. Presented by Maeve O’Meara, the show follows one of France’s best exports to Australia, renowned chef Guillaume Brahimi on a personal voyage. They visit many of France’s top kitchens and suppliers in both Paris and regional France – tracking down world-renowned butter, cheese, chocolate, charcuterie, truffles and wine.  

French Food Safari is a Who’s Who of France’s top French chefs and providores and this beautiful cookbook will show you how to cook the heart of the show.

French Food Safari
From Provence in the south of France, this simple recipe sings with summer vegetables – eggplant, zucchini, capsicum and tomato.

Croquembouche is perhaps the most spectacular creation to have come out of the world of French sweets – a towering sculpture of profiteroles filled with crème pâtissière, carefully constructed with toffee to seal it all together. The first croquembouche was said to have been created by legendary chef Antonin Carême in the shape of a Turkish fez – the conical shape evolved later. The confection can be decorated with spun sugar if desired, which sounds difficult but is in fact quite simple. If you wish to do this, multiply the toffee ingredients by 1.5 to make extra toffee.

Roast chicken with truffle and cauliflower

Get your hands on a high-quality chicken for this golden roast, fragrant with discs of truffle sitting under the skin. 

We have five copies of French Food Safari to give away.

Food Safari: Earth Fire Water

This magnificent cookbook celebrates three renowned series of Food Safari, with 200 recipes spanning the Earth, Fire, and Water series.

The latest Food Safari cookbook spans three incredible series.

In Food Safari: Earth, Fire, Water Maeve O'Meara invites you on a journey around world cuisine, meeting home cooks and chefs from Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. All passionate advocates of cooking with the best and most natural produce they can get, harnessing the elements to create treasured dishes.

Earth Fire Water
Pan-fried mirror dory

Mirror dory is a white fish with a fine flake. If unavailable, you may substitute regular John Dory or any white fish you prefer.  Food Safari Water

Food Safari's risotto alla Milanese

This risotto is made “all’onda” (in the ‘wave style’), which is typical of northern Italy. It should take about 18 minutes to make from the time you start adding the liquid.

Smoked lamb forequarter

"Attila Yilmaz loves fire. He has a blowtorch that sounds like an express train, which he fires up to turn a pile of ironbark logs into a raging fire in his huge wood-fired oven; the coals then smoke and roast his signature smoked lamb shoulder to melting perfection." Maeve O’Meara, Food Safari Fire

The book continues the show's incredible stories and shares its treasured recipes. Discover the pleasures of baking, roasting, one-pot cooking, or cooking Asian-style in a wok, with the people across the globe that know how to do it best. 

 We've got three copies Food Safari: Earth Fire Water to give away.

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