• Omelette bread (Camellia Aebischer)Source: Camellia Aebischer
One pan, two eggs, two slices of bread and a flip and fold is all you need.
Camellia Ling Aebischer

30 Jun 2020 - 1:01 PM  UPDATED 30 Jun 2020 - 1:01 PM

The glorious sharing platform we know as the internet brings us many things, good and bad. A personal favourite online gift is the abundance of street food videos from around the world.

One that’s always popping up in my feeds is India’s bread omelette. It’s more of a technique than a recipe, a way of life. In Mumbai, it’s cited under the name ‘disco egg fry’ and contains a pinch of chat masala as well as chopped green chillies. You could follow suit or customise to your tastes. The world is your egg sandwich.

How to make a bread omelette

All you’ll need is eggs, two slices of bread, and seasonings of choice.

Added a few sliced spring onions and chilli. Masala going in next time for sure.

The method is simple, place two or more beaten, seasoned eggs into a hot buttered pan or tawa and while they’re still runny, place your bread slices on top, side by side. Optionally flip the slices once so both sides are coated in egg.

Once the egg is almost set, flip the whole sandwich and omelette, cook briefly, then fold the overhanging egg sides onto the bread. Finally, fold in half, closing the sandwich.

Toast the outside slices until golden and you’re good to go!

A few hot tips to take away: for first-timers, set the heat low because you’ll have to work fast. I overcooked my eggs the first time and ripped them when trying to fold the bread.

Also, you wouldn’t just eat egg and bread (or maybe you would?) so a few additions like chopped spring onion and chilli or a slice of cheese, or both, goes down a treat.

If you're unfamiliar with it, think of it like a savoury French toast sandwich.

Once you’ve earned your title as king/queen of the tawa, these are so fast to knock out and make a great quick breakfast or camping/holiday home meal.

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