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Of course, a nation that is as food-obsessed as Singapore does amazing desserts. Here's how you can bite into Singapore's sweet life.
Farah Celjo

1 Mar 2017 - 4:10 PM  UPDATED 3 Dec 2020 - 2:39 PM

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Singapore really embodies a selection of different cultures and influences in its cuisine. With late-night dessert bars, hawker stalls galore serving sweet bites, over-the-top icy mountains, colourful steamed cakes and street-side vendors slapping ice-cream and bread together (literally), Singapore has one serious sweet tooth.

So here's what... and more importantly how... to dessert Singapore-style.

1. Sago simply chillin' 

Gula melaka, or palm sugar, is a sweet high flyer in Southeast Asian cooking. This Malaysian dessert is a popular Singaporean treat with chilled chewy sago, creamy coconut milk all topped with a splash of dark sugar syrup. Get the recipe here.

2. Sweet street sangas

These open ice-cream sandwiches are just that, slabs of assorted ice-cream wrapped in white (or in this case multicoloured) bread and munched on enjoyed on the many sidewalks of Singapore. 

Open ice-cream sandwiches (ice-cream loti)

These open-faced sandwiches are a favourite Singapore street snack and consist of various ice-cream flavours scooped over eye-catching rainbow bread.


3. Ice, ice baby

Thirst-quenching desserts are very popular across Singapore and Malaysia and this bowl of 'iced beans' is more delicious than it sounds. Layers of shaved ice, flamboyant fruit jellies, assorted nuts, fruits and three kinds of sweet sticky syrup make this one icy treat.

4. Sweet potato, sweet potato

Ondeh ondeh are bitesize nibbles that are made of potato infused with pandan juice, filled with palm sugar and rolled in coconut. Thank you Destination Flavour Singapore because you will not be stopping at one...

What a treat
Please 'kueh' here for psychedelic treats
Those who love Asian snacks know just how deliciously fun they can be and kueh (or kuih) bring a long line of serious snacking cred along with it.

5. Sticky is good for the soul

Once you've soaked your rice overnight you, too could have this pandan-infused black sticky rice. With some popular Asian ingredients of chilli, pandan, coconut and mango, this is one seriously good dessert bowl.

Pandan-infused black sticky rice with mango and chilli sugar

6. Melt-in-your-mouth sponge

Among a myriad of Nyonya specialties, Poh Ling Yeow shares her mama's sponge cake – a cross between marshmallow and bread, with the flavour of custard, you may have already seen these soft sponges in all kinds of shapes, colours and sizes. 

7. Singapore loves to cha-cha

Who knew that sweet potato, taro and sago had a dessert-y side? This bubur cha-cha bowl did! Served with a coconut soup and topped with coconut crisps there's a party in this bowl and everyone's invited.

8. Not your average mousse

Adam Liaw takes caramel mousse to the next level in this ode to his favourite Singaporean treat - kaya toast. Topped with a little gold, this is one impressive dessert. Get the recipe here.

Watch Adam explores Singapore's sweet offering right here.

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