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Adam Liaw continues to cook, laugh, and explore culture with some of Australia's most beloved in The Cook Up With Adam Liaw.
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 --- The Cook Up with Adam Liaw airs weeknights on SBS Food at 7.00pm and 10.00pm. It will encore on SBS Food at 11am weekdays and at 3.30pm on SBS. SBS Food will air a marathon on Sundays at 2.00pm, and series will be made available after broadcast on SBS On Demand. --- 


Adam Liaw, author and TV presenter is joined each night by two food loving friends for a half hour of good fun and conversation as they cook up a variety of dishes centred around a nightly theme. Whether it’s an ingredient, a style of cuisine or cultural inspiration, Adam whips up his dish first before his guests follow suit with easy to follow recipes and tips for viewers to follow at home in time for dinner.

There will be celebrities, culture, food, and lots of laughs in a series that will provide everyday inspiration for foodies and non-foodies alike.

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Adam Liaw continues to cook, laugh, and explore culture with some of Australia's most beloved in The Cook Up With Adam Liaw.
Episode guide | The Cook Up with Adam Liaw | Episodes 1 to 25
SBS Food has been busy cooking up a fresh new food show, The Cook Up with Adam Liaw, and with 200 episodes, it’s the biggest commission in the network’s history.

Episode 51 | Cheese On Top

Airs 7:00pm Monday 28 June, 2021 on SBS Food

Aussie favourite home cook hero Lyndey Milan and Fabbrica chef Hugh Piper are in The Cook Up kitchen chatting cheese with host, Adam Liaw. They explore the best ways to use cheese on top of anything and everything!


Beer-battered zucchini flowers with roasted capsicum sauce

This is a pretty simple and delicious starter that takes away a lot of the fuss of dealing with zucchini flowers.

Chicken and mushroom doria

Doria is an Italian-inspired dish that originated in France, but which now only seems to exist in Japan where it is phenomenally popular. Think of a gratin of bechamel over rice.

Mushroom open lasagne

Good quality pre-prepared lasagne and pasta are a boon for the busy cook. I love the extravagance of open lasagne and this makes it easy.

Episode 52 | Shortcrust Pastry

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 29 June, 2021 on SBS Food

Adam Liaw is joined in The Cook Up kitchen by food writer and TV chef, Janelle Bloom and Sydney restaurant China Doll head chef Frank Shek to give their ideas on how to take shortcrust pastry to the next level!


Cumin lamb and zucchini foldovers

Crisp shortcrust pastry triangles filled with spiced lamb and served with a minted-pea sauce.

Brown sugar butter tarts

This Canadian recipe is a simple classic. I like to add sultanas to mine.

Fig, walnut and pistachio crostata

Making pastry is something I love to do, and this is my walnut version, encasing fresh quartered figs, pistachio and vanilla, served with thick cream. This recipe makes two small tarts but you could make one big one.

Episode 53 | Chicken Wings

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 30 June, 2021 on SBS Food

DJ and chef Andrew Levins and Palisa Anderson of Chat Thai fame and host of SBS’s Water Heart Food, are in The Cook Up kitchen with Adam Liaw to give their tips and tricks on cooking chicken wings!


American hot wings with ranch dressing

These used to be one of the most popular items at my old restaurant The Dip. It’s crazy to me how much fried chicken there is in Australia these days, but wings cooked like this are really hard to find!

Turmeric coconut chicken with nahm jim jaew
Slow-roasted chicken wings

Tender wings roasted for 2 hours in a herb and soy sauce marinade that are sticky, addictive and perfect for a party.

Episode 54 | Sweet Potato

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 1 July, 2021 on SBS Food

Recipe developer Breda Fenn and Maître d’ of Momofuku Seibo, Kylie Javier Ashton come by the Cook Up kitchen to whip up their favourite sweet potato dishes with Adam Liaw!


Black bean and sweet potato empanadas

I love savoury pastries. These work as a great appetiser for a dinner party or an awesome lunchbox snack. The beans and sweet potato are so hearty you won’t even miss the meat.

Sweet potato and tahini dip

Roasted sweet potato lends itself perfectly to dips, and the tahini adds a creamy texture and nutty flavour, excellent consumed with toasted Turkish bread.

Curried sweet potato mash

Up your mash game with Adam Liaw's version: Slow-roasted sweet potato mashed with butter, yoghurt and spices for a creamy and warming side.

Episode 55 | On The Bone

Airs 7:00pm Friday 2 July, 2021 on SBS Food

The Cook Up kitchen plays host to host Adam Liaw, Viking and executive chef at Mjolner, Joachim Borenius and comedian Lizzy Hoo as they create their ultimate meat on the bone dishes.

Barbecued satay chicken

My dad used to cook satay at my school fetes and he would sell out by midday. I can’t show you the sauce recipe because that’s a top family secret, but I can show you the marinade I often use for larger cuts of meat because I’m too lazy to thread skewers.

Whiskey-braised short ribs with mustard and radish

A hearty filling meal, perfect for autumn and winter. Serve with your preferred condiment, roast sweet potatoes, or maybe a lush potato mash...

Roast lamb shoulder with cherry tomato vinaigrette

Bone-in lamb shoulder slow-roasted for 3.5 hours topped with a tangy cherry tomato vinaigrette finished with some refreshing mint leaves for perfect balance.


Episode 56 | Native Meats | NAIDOC Week

Airs 7:00pm Monday 5 July, 2021 on SBS Food

Indigenous chef and TV presenter Mark Olive and New Zealand native chef Marcus Poa join The Cook Up’s host Adam Liaw in The Cook Up Kitchen as they tackle native meats.  

Chocolate kangaroo tail stew

Perhaps a strange-sounding mix, the dark chocolate and cocoa add a richness to the kangaroo stew rather than much sweetness.

Spiced kangaroo fillet with red cabbage and saltbush

A steak to topple any prime beef cut, this native meat is rubbed with a invigorating variety of Australian herbs and spices, sat atop a bed of buttery red cabbage.

Char siew crocodile wonton cups

Char siew, a popular Cantonese marinading sauce, is traditionally used with pork, but we shake it up a bit with marinated crocodile meat, arranged into wonton-wrapper cups.

Episode 57 | Café Favourite | NAIDOC Week

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 6 July, 2021 on SBS Food

SBS science and technology TV presenter Rae Johnston and Lilypad café’s Nyoka Hrabinsky create their café favourites with The Cook Up host Adam Liaw.

Steak frites with merne ntange butter

Merne ntange is the Arrernte word for food from plants and seeds, combining two indigenous food groups. Think of this as a Café de Paris butter of native Australian plants and herbs.

Lemonade pancakes

My aunty taught me this one, and it’s become my go-to. Super simple. As far as toppings go, I like to re-create my childhood cafe favourite.

Lillipad's salad

On the menu: Turmeric-roasted cauliflower, cucumber, mint, house-made pickled onion, pepperberry, baby spinach, pine nuts and sultana mix with a macadamia-oil dressing served with sourdough. 


Episode 58 | Feed The Family | NAIDOC Week

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 7 July, 2021 on SBS Food

TikTok sensation Nathan Lyon and NITV Executive Producer Jodan Perry join the Cook Up kitchen and host Adam Liaw to create their family’s favourite meals! 

Bully beef with steamed rice

This dish is a family favourite and has fed many a hungry Koori kid. With tins of corned beef being popular to many peoples of the Pacific, bully beef and rice has been adopted by Indigenous people from all over Australia.

Roast chicken with whole mushroom sauce

A whole roast butterflied chook covered in Adam's rich, buttery mushroom sauce with white wine and cream.

Sang choy bao

There’s nothing special about these ingredients, it’s just a lot of the flavours I love and all you need is a wok.


Episode 59 | Native Ingredients | NAIDOC Week

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 8 July, 2021 on SBS Food

Adam Liaw and the Cook Up kitchen are joined by Rockpool’s Jayde Harris and indigenous TV presenter and chef Mark Olive as they cook and talk through native bush food.

Native greens spanakopita

This Australian spin on the classic Greek filo pie swaps spinach for native warrigal greens and is seasoned with saltbush and spearmint.

Lamb kebabs with bush tomato tahini

Blending Middle Eastern with Australian flavours, Adam shares his recipe for these juicy lamb skewers, coated in a wattle seed and bush tomato tahini.

Saltbush and mountain pepper squid

This is my spin on the classic Chinese salt and pepper squid. I've used native Australian ingredients dried saltbush flakes for their herbaceous saltiness, mountain pepper for its punch and dried lemon myrtle for its zing.


Episode 60 | A Classic Dish | NAIDOC Week

Airs 7:00pm Friday 9 July, 2021 on SBS Food

Adam Liaw is joined by Wagyu 2 Your Door’s Gary Green and Jo-Ann Lee from Goanna Hut in The Cook Up kitchen as they all come together to cook a classic dish.

Wagyu scotch fillet with potato gems

This was a dish we created that made a premium product with simplicity of adding potato gems and greens. Perfect for the entire family. Simple and fast.

Wattleseed cheesecake

Wattleseed adds a delightful warmth to desserts - some say it has a mocha-like aroma and there is a distinct natural sweetness to the smell.

Salmon meunière

Episode 61 | Crustaceans 

Airs 7:00pm Monday 12 July, 2021 on SBS Food

Author of The Australian Fish and Seafood cookbook, Anthony Huckstep and owner of LP’s Quality Meats Luke Powell join Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen to create their favourite crustacean recipes.

Dried shrimp and zucchini with mung bean vermicelli

I avoided this as a kid, but now I’m an adult I see it as a necessary part of a banquet – almost a palate cleanser that sits between more flavourful dishes or ones that are more oily, or pungent. It’s just a good, reliable dish.

Prawn cocktail

Prawn cocktails are simple but learning how to poach your own prawns changes everything. The method not only gives you crisp prawns, but also a big flavour not often found in pre-cooked store-bought prawns.

Shellfish spaghetti

An easy throw-together seafood pasta with a good lug of lobster oil for a decadent shellfish flavour topped with tarragon and chives.

Episode 62 | Shellfish

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 13 July, 2021 on SBS Food

Host Adam Liaw and guests, Pilu restaurant’s Giovanni Pilu and Acme famed chef Mitch Orr show you how to make their favourite shellfish recipes in The Cook Up kitchen!  

White pepper crab

A Singaporean specialty, among locals this dish is arguably more popular than the chilli crab that visitors to Singapore love. There are many different variations of this dish – some creamy, some spicy – but my version keeps it quite simple.

Malloreddus, crab and preserved lemon butter

Known as Sardinia's gnocchi, malloreddus are a small pasta perfect for soaking up flavour as they do with this fresh crab cooked in a salty lemon butter.

Arragosta alla Catalana (rock lobster Catalan style)

This dish is from the city of Alghero on Sardinia’s North Western coast, where the best rock lobsters (also called ‘spiny lobsters’) are found.

Episode 63 | Chicken Thigh

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 14 July, 2021 on SBS Food

Insight’s Kumi Taguchi and Sokyo’s Chase Kojima take over The Cook Up kitchen as they chat and create some of their favourite chicken thigh dishes with host Adam Liaw.


Chicken paprikash

This is comforting Hungarian dish is named for its heavy addition of paprika. While many other proteins feature in paprikash style, chicken is the most popular.

Oven-baked chicken thighs with olive, tomato and lemon

A simple, quick dish of chicken with olives, cherry tomatoes and lemon. It takes just 5 minutes to prepare, then you set and forget in the oven.


Meaning parent and child, this popular Japanese donburi features both chicken and egg simmered together in a light broth and served over a bowl of short-grain rice.

Episode 64 | Bring A Plate

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 15 July, 2021 on SBS Food

The Cook Up host Adam Liaw invites Uccello’s Nigel Ward and cake designer, Monica Cavallaro, into the kitchen to create some easy plate options that you can take to your next family BBQ.

Nigel's tiramisu

A classic that needs no introduction, be sure to start this the night before and leave it in the fridge, the flavours will all soak and mature for a really boozy, creamy treat.

Coconut water and lychee jellies

These little jellies use agar agar, and are thus vegan. The juicy lychees are encased in the set coconut water and are refreshing on a warm day.


Biscotti or lady fingers are wildly popular in Italy. My take on them includes the cheeky addition of a little flour which, while almost risqué, adds a lightness to the biscotti and makes for a softer eating experience.

Episode 65 | Filipino Savoury

Airs 7:00pm Friday 16 July, 2021 on SBS Food

Sydney’s Cebu Lechon owner Will Mahusay and food photographer Luisa Brimble join Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen as they create their ultimate Filipino dishes.


Bicol express

A fiery stew of pork belly, coconut and chilli, I prefer to keep my version a little more tame with large red and green chillies, and leave the heat of the bird’s eyes up to the individual.

Chicken humba

Chicken humba is a dish often served at our family gatherings. It brings back many good memories of my grandmother and this is now my own version, in remembrance of her.

Tortang talong

Also known as an eggplant omelette, the tortang talong sees eggplant grilled over open flame then fried with eggs and spices.

Episode 66 | Meat-Free Monday

Airs 7:00pm Monday 19 July, 2021 on SBS Food

The Cook Up host Adam Liaw brings Yellow’s Nina Huynh and food and travel writer Yasmin Newman into The Cook Up kitchen to test out their favourite meat free dishes to start off your week!

Gobi manchurian

'Manchurian' is a sub-cuisine of Indian food that brings local flavours to Chinese styles of cooking. Gobi (cauliflower) florets are deep-fried then wok-tossed in a spicy sauce.

Mushroom adobo

This vegetarian version of the Filipino national dish is made with mushrooms, which give it a meaty texture and soak up all the delicious sauce.

Eggplant dippers with vegan sesame mayo

This is a great vegan and gluten free twist on a great finger food idea. Nutritional yeast flakes offer a great nutty and cheesy flavour to lift the flavour of this dish to new heights.

Episode 67 | Tray Bake

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 20 July, 2021 on SBS Food

The Cook Up host Adam Liaw invites Saturday Night Pasta cookbook author Elizabeth Hewson and Good Food Guides editor Myffy Rigby into the kitchen to create their best tray bake dinner in 20 minutes.

All-in chicken

I learned this from my dear friend Phillip who calls it ‘chicken all in.’ You can add whatever aromats you have in the fridge, but bay leaves and thyme go particularly well.

Cannellini and sausage tray bake

Sometimes after a long day I take the one-tray oven route. This means throwing everything into a dish and putting it into the oven for it to do all the work. It’s incredibly rewarding for very little work.

Baked broccolini and sausage spaghetti

An easy tray bake with spicy Italian sausage, crunchy broccolini and anchovies, with a good grating of parmesan and scattering of chilli.

Episode 68 | Banana

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 21 July, 2021 on SBS Food

SBS Science and Technology TV presenter Rae Johnston and Bake Club’s Anneka Manning deliver up some amazing creations involving banana in the Cook Up kitchen with Adam Liaw.

Golden syrup spiced banana bread

Confession: my freezer is chockas with frozen bananas I never got around to eating before they went almost-black. But since they only keep for three months, that only means one thing - banana bread!

Banana muffins with lemon glaze

There’s nothing quite like a good banana muffin especially when flavoured with coconut, studded with pecans and drizzled with a tangy lemon glaze like these ones – they will definitely stand out from the crowd!

Bananas Foster

This classic New Orleans recipe was created in 1951 at Brennan’s restaurant. Bring back the flambe, I say!

Episode 69 | Favourite Ingredient

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 22 July, 2021 on SBS Food

The Cook Up Kitchen hosts Nomad head chef Jacqui Challinor and former head chef at Claude’s Chui Lee Luk as they show case their favourite ingredients with host Adam Liaw.

Bagna cauda

This is a personal interpretation of the classic warm sauce of garlic and extra virgin olive oil which features garlic in an equal starring role.

No-churn olive oil ice-cream cake

I love this recipe because it’s a great way to showcase olive oil as an ingredient with a flavour profile in its own right rather than just a condiment for cooking.

Cong you tofu (silken tofu with spring onion oil and soy sauce)

Adam's quick and easy block of silken tofu is dressed with spring onion, garlic and two types of soy sauce. Great served as part of a meal, everyone help themselves.

Episode 70 | Orange

Airs 7:00pm Friday 23 July, 2021 on SBS Food

Head chef and owner of Sydney restaurant Marque, Mark Best and the queen of home baking, Katherine Sabbath dive into the universe of oranges and try out their favourite recipes with host Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen.

Gluten-free orange and ginger loaf cake

Orange and ginger work so beautifully together, a pairing which is elevated even higher with a creamy lemon icing to balance out the spice. Queue the kettle.

Orange and aniseed chicken traybake

A version of this dish was the first dinner I ever cooked with my family when I was just 8 years old. I’ve updated the recipe a bit since then, but it’s still as easy as ever.

Duck à l’orange

This is a dish best planned in advance, as it requires 2 days of marinading to give the duck the most intense orange flavour and such incredible tenderness. Well worth the while!

Episode 71 | Lamb Ribs

Airs 7:00pm Monday 26 July, 2021 on SBS Food

MasterChef alumni Amina Elshafei and home cook and wife of Manu Feildel, Clarissa Feidel, show you their lamb ribs secrets. Host Adam Liaw also reveals his childhood favourite recipe.

Korean sticky lamb ribs with pa muchim

This is inspired by beef kalbi, a marinated aromatic beef rib dish grilled on charcoals. I use elements of the kalbi marinade to which I add some Korean chili powder and paste to and applied it to the lamb ribs.

Kambing sioh (lamb ribs in tamarind and coriander gravy)

This is a traditional Nyonya dish from Malaysia, which is usually made with chicken, but here I translate it into lamb ribs.

Lamb ribs with cumin, fennel and Sichuan pepper

These ribs are roasted plain, and then covered in a flavourful stir-fried spice mix.

Episode 72 | Naughty But Nice

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 27 July, 2021 on SBS Food

Nel owner and head chef Nelly Robinson and Bondi Harvest’s Taylor Cullen create their favourite naughty but nice recipes with host Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen.

Grandma pizza

This pizza style originated in Long Island, New York, reminiscent of the style of pizzas made by Italian grandma's who didn't have access to a pizza oven. It's most similar to the Sicilian style of pizza made with a thick base.

Vegan snickers

This recipe is the healthy version of a Snickers bar, without the lack of flavour that comes with some healthy desserts. It’s dairy-free too so more people can enjoy it.

English flapjacks

The classic flapjack is such an easy option for a quick arvo-tea treat and look all the more prettier (and sweeter) with a dusting of icing sugar.

Episode 73 | Honey

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 28 July, 2021 on SBS Food

Uccello’s Nigel Ward and Pastry queen Anna Polyviou create some Italian and Greek favourites that showcase honey in The Cook Up kitchen with Adam Liaw.

Loukoumades with honey and cinnamon syrup

I used to go to Greek church festivals just to watch the old ladies making these doughnuts like machines.  I was always excited to watch and even more to eat them too. Traditionally they are done and served with walnuts, but I wanted to bring an Anna mini twist. 

Fried pecorino with honey and summer herbs

Nigel makes the perfect crispy entrée with pecorino - a hard cheese made from sheep's milk.

Chilli honey baked chicken

Adam makes his chilli honey baked chicken - a simple weeknight dinner with a classic sweet and heat flavour combination. 

Episode 74 | Four Ingredient Pasta

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 29 July, 2021 on SBS Food

Comedian Joel Creasey and Radio/TV presenter Myf Warhurst join Adam Liaw in The Cook Up kitchen as they create their favourite pasta using just four ingredients!

Spaghetti carbonara

Comedian and host Joel Creasey makes his reliable spaghetti carbonara - a hearty pasta with classic flavours.

Rosé prawn spaghetti

Adam makes his rose spaghetti - a smooth blend of creamy and tart-tomato flavours.

Gnocchi with cavolo nero pesto

When I lived in London, Polpo was one of my favourite restaurants. It served Venetian food that was the opposite to the tourist trap slop that Venice is usually famous for. ... I stole this recipe from their book, Polpo, because it reminds me of a time living overseas and being able to travel.

Episode 75 | Sauce

Airs 7:00pm Friday 30 July, 2021 on SBS Food

The Cook Up host Adam Liaw is joined by TV and radio personality Yumi Stynes and creator of 'The Family Law' Benjamin Law to showcase their favourite sauces that can be used as an accompaniment to any dish.

Thousand island dressing with prawns

Damn‌ ‌right‌ I‌ ‌love‌ ‌a‌ ‌prawn‌ ‌cocktail! And‌ ‌yes,‌ ‌it’s‌ ‌meant‌ ‌to‌ ‌be‌ ‌retro,‌ ‌and‌ ‌yes,‌ ‌it’s‌ ‌meant‌ ‌to‌ ‌be‌ ‌a‌ ‌little‌ ‌bit‌ ‌trashy.‌ 

Periyaki chicken

No, not teriyaki chicken. This combines Portuguese peri-peri with Japanese teriyaki for a fusion that makes a surprising amount of sense. 

Ginger and salted caramel ice cream sandwich

Ben makes one of his favourite desserts - developed from a recipe by fellow journalist Annabel Crabb.