• Eggplant is grilled until melting soft and glazed in sweet miso. (Asia Unplated with Diana Chan)Source: Asia Unplated with Diana Chan
Whether you love it or pretend to hate it, eggplant doesn't care. It's too busy being auber-genius.
19 Jan 2022 - 11:45 AM  UPDATED 7 Feb 2022 - 6:37 AM

Way before the eggplant emoji, eggplants were the star of the show in cuisines around the world. This humble fruit features in dishes that hail from every continent, except Antarctica. Which tends to be the continent that always stops us from being able to make sweeping statements about THE WORLD.

Surprisingly, even though it's been cultivated since prehistory, not everyone loves the humble eggplant/aubergine/bringal. It's easy to grow in abundance, pairs well with both savoury and sweet flavours and it's saved many a day when a vegan friend comes to dinner, but yet... some people loathe it.

It's easy to grow in abundance, pairs well with both savoury and sweet flavours and it's saved many a day when a vegan friend comes to dinner... 

The abhorrence that the purple veg can generate has never been more venomously expressed than in Gabriel García Márquez's Love in the Time of Cholera: "Very well," a languid Fermina tells the smitten Florentino. "I will marry you if you promise not to make me eat eggplant." How very dare she! Even so, it's fair to suggest she never really wanted to avoid eggplant as it took more than 58 years for this couple to get together.

How to grow: Eggplant
It’s not as popular as its cousin tomato, but eggplant or aubergine has almost as many culinary uses in a range of cuisines. With its attractive glossy fruits, it’s a beautiful crop to grow in the garden. Some varieties are long and thin, others as small as grapes, with colours that range from black to white and even orange. This is an incredibly rewarding crop and easy to grow when conditions are right.

Deadly good, not deadly

Of course, this is the veggie that was once thought to be poisonous. All members of the nightshade family, including tomatoes, potatoes and capsicum, have had the 'poison' label unfairly slapped on them at some stage in history.

Remember, the fruit is good, the flowers and leaves not so good. These parts of the plant can be toxic when consumed in high doses. This is why all 11 of these dishes feature only the delicious fruit, the whole fruit, and nothing but the fruit.

 1. Eggplant pizzaiola

Matthew Evan's stunning Gourmet Farmer recipe is basically a low-carb, crustless pizza. Golden eggplant slices mingle pleasantly with a fresh tomato base before smoked mozzarella brings the intrigue. This is what mouth romances are all about.

Pizzaiola actually means 'in the style of the pizza maker'. Please excuse us while we piazzaola everything in sight.

2. Miso-roasted eggplant

Miso and eggplant are a fantastic combo.

Miso and eggplant just elevate each other to stratospheric heights. It's like a fuel injection of umami flavour that lingers pleasantly in your soul hours after eating. Apologies, but a dish like this demands superlatives. Especially when it takes a mere 10 minutes to pull together.

Another nasu recipe to try
Miso-glazed eggplant (nasu dengaku)

This sweet and salty miso glaze caramelises as the eggplant cooks, creating an irresistible vegetable dish. 

3. Yemista

This traditional Greek recipe stuffs eggplants with eggplants. Isn't life simply marvellous?

All members of the nightshade family have had the 'poison' label unfairly slapped on them at some stage in history.

4. Liang ban qie zi

This Shanghainese appetiser of cooled steamed aubergine with a garlicky dressing is absurdly easy to make and wondrously satisfying. Steaming brings out eggplant's lesser-seen gentle side.

Crispy eggplant with spiced red vinegar

The vegetarian dishes of China's cuisine aren't often given much spotlight, but this crispy eggplant will have everyone pushing aside the sweet and sour pork.

Eggplant and pumpkin green curry

An abundance of herbs makes this vegetable green curry really sing.

Miso salmon and eggplant skewers

These skewers are so simple to prepare and yet incredibly delicious. The white miso caramelises under the grill to create a perfectly balanced savoury sweetness that all the family will love.

5. Eggplant polpettine

Eggplant polpettine (polpettine di melanzane)

An Italian street food favourite that will quickly become yours. You won't miss the meat for even a second in these little 'meatballs'. They are each an explosion of flavour that's highly addictive.

6. Haloumi with baba ganoush and pomegranate dressing

Haloumi with baba ganoush and pomegranate dressing

An eggplant list wouldn't be complete without including the smoky, creamy Middle Eastern wonder that is baba ganoush. Here it becomes a meal with the inclusion of haloumi, grilled flatbread and a moreish, tangy dressing.

7. Eggplant parmigiana

The abundant use of eggplant means melanzane alla parmigiana most likely originated in the south of Italy. They love a good eggplant dish down there. No wonder, when eggplant pairs so well with the salty goodness of pecorino cheese and a sharp hit of basil.

8. Moussaka

Steve Zaharis' moussaka is time-consuming but makes enough for 16 people. He says it's a dish that requires time and patience, so is usually reserved for close friends and loved ones.

Moussaka of eggplant, seared sea scallops and taramasalata

This classically Greek eggplant dish gets a seafood refresh. Food Safari Water

Whole eggplant and lamb moussaka

This is my modern interpretation of moussaka. I take meltingly tender slow-braised lamb neck and use it to fill hollowed-out eggplants. Instead of the classic creamy bechamel sauce, I add a silky smoked eggplant cream and top it all with baked ricotta. The whole eggplants are then braised in the oven.

Vegetarian lentil and eggplant moussaka

This vegetarian version of Greece's famed moussaka subs out the meat with lentils. The flavours work a treat and it’s just as hearty with charred eggplant, rich tomato sauce and lashings of cheese sauce.

9. Chocolate eggplant brownies

These brownies prove that an aubergine makes everything taste better. Even brownies. The silkiness of the eggplant works beautifully with dark chocolate, making for the most luxe pan of goodies you've ever pulled out of the oven.

10. Braised eggplant with saltbush

Fun fact: eggplant is Tetsuya Wakuda's favourite vegetable. He says it's "simple, but bloody good." That said, the flavours in this recipe are anything but simple, with unusual flavour combinations like thyme and rosemary with soy sauce. Taking it further by making native saltbush the star alongside the aubergine reminds us just why Wakuda is one of the most gifted chefs in Australia.

11. Roasted pickled eggplant

Roasted pickled eggplant

Get on board the pickling train. Pickling eggplant makes it last longer. Perfect for picnics, antipasto and proving once and for all that eggplant truly is for everyone.

Comment: What do you mean, you don’t like eggplant?
Your kids love burgers and pasta – but you want to preserve your family's Turkish traditions. Cue the food fight.

There's always room for more
Chermoula eggplant

If you don’t have chermoula paste in your repertoire now is the time to add it - it’s an exotically spiced, North-African blend of flavours that can be used as a rub for vegetables, meat, seafood, and as a sauce for couscous. 

Smoky eggplant and cocoa dip

This version of babaganoush sounds unusual, but it’s absolutely delicious: the chocolate and eggplant together give a subtle, sweet, earthy smoky flavour. 

Stuffed quail with roasted eggplant

If tunnel-boning a quail is a bit tricky for you, you can request that your butcher bone it for you. The Chefs' Line

Chickpea pancake with eggplant (cinque e cinque)

Serve this savoury chickpea on a baguette with a slice of grilled eggplant, splash of olive oil, and a good grind of black pepper.

Chargrilled eggplant and feta rolls

Serve these lovely cheesy rolls at room temperature as part of a mezze, scattered with pomegranate seeds.

Miso, eggplant and soba noodle salad

I love the umami flavour of miso, and my many trips to Japan have shown me how versatile it is.

Eggplant and pumpkin green curry

An abundance of herbs makes this vegetable green curry really sing.