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Celebrate and marathon your favourite SBS On Demand titles with dishes set to be matches made in TV heaven.
Mark Mariano

21 Dec 2021 - 4:00 AM  UPDATED 21 Jan 2022 - 10:36 AM

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Eating in front of the telly - it's a real and beautiful thing!

I doubt it's anything new, but perhaps with a new wave of multi-taskers and time-efficient thinkers - as well as a global pandemic - more people are enjoying their meals in front of the screen. While it isn't for everyone, the act can be very cathartic, whether that be for when you just need a minute away from everything, or for when you're looking for a way to get closer to your favourite shows and the cultural worlds they create.

With that in mind, think of this as a TV Guide, curated for you AND your tummy. We pair some SBS On Demand greats with a related dish you could recreate at home. 

Let's skip the intros and jump right in!


Set in mid-country Canada, the slapstick series hilariously follows the residents of Letterkenny. They belong to one of three groups: the Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players. Watch as they navigate their close-knit town, packed with quirky individuals and a whole lot of shenanigans. 

Marathon the first six seasons in the lead up to the premiere of its seventh, coming Thursday, 20 January. Screen it with a fast stack of Sunday morning pancakes, drizzled with Canada's finest export - maple syrup.

Sunday morning pancakes

By law, these easy pancakes can only be eaten on a Sunday. Of course we kid, but these really are tailor-made for a lazy Sunday brunch.


Dev Patel in una scena di Lion.

This critically acclaimed film, starring Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel, follows a young man's journey home through the streets of India. Based on a true story, five-year-old Saroo (Patel) is separated from his family when he gets lost on a train in India, and is ultimately adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty-five years later, Saroo returns to India to search for his lost family.

The heart-warming story, set in Madhya Pradesh, is also home to great food stalls and markets. Jalebi, an Indian street food classic, may just be the best snack for this emotional film.


This popular Indian sweet is always on the table at big celebrations. Why not make this recipe for your next party spread, or for a special dessert? Practice makes perfect - you'll become a whiz at making the coil shapes in no time!

The Family Law

Based on the best-selling book by Benjamin Law, The Family Law is an award-winning drama-comedy series following everyone's favourite almost-functional Asian Australian family. 

Follow all of the chaos with a dish Ben approves and adores himself - and it only takes 15 minutes to prepare!

Fancy instant ramen

Benjamin takes a hefty risk making his own version of ramen for the Ramen King himself, Adam. The dish is quite literally a melting pot as Benjamin incorporates flavours not normally seen in the Japanese dish.


Based on the book by Roberto Saviano, this is a chilling inside look at the people and destinies behind the Neapolitan 'Camorra', the Italian crime organisation every bit as fierce and powerful - even more powerful, as many contend - like the Mafia.

There's no better dish for this show - make the controversial Assassin's Spaghetti and you won't be sleeping with the fishes.

The assassin’s spaghetti
This killer pasta dish hails from Puglia, and before you scoff at the burnt edges – don’t knock it until you try it.

Team Chocolate

Jasper Vloemans (Jelle Palmaerts), a young man with Down Syndrome, falls in love with Tina Dubrani (Mira Bryssinck), one of his colleagues at the small Belgian chocolate factory where they work. When Tina is deported to Kosovo, Jasper and his co-workers, all differently-abled, embark on a road trip to find her.

This show is as sweet as it sounds, and it's only fitting that you chomp on a block of choc while you watch!

Homemade Twix bars

When it’s time for resolutions, I bet a lot of people have ‘eat better’ on their list. Me too. But instead of sticking strictly to kale salads, I think more about my sweet intake. I love sweets, so I’m not going to give the food group up entirely, but I am going to try not to eat desserts unless they're homemade. Let’s start with these homemade Twix. They’re surprisingly simple and considerably more delicious than the original. Less sweet. More butter. More crunch. More salt. Better chocolate. Can’t argue with that.

Train To Busan

‘Train to Busan’.

This star-studded film follows a man, his estranged daughter, and other passengers trapped on a speeding train during a zombie outbreak in South Korea. 

Okay, I admit, this isn't the best movie to eat with - but this HAD to be on the list. My logic is - if you can stomach the movie in general, then you're good to nom along. I'd recommend 'budae jjigae' - a hearty South Korean stew born from warfare and necessity. 

Korean army stew (budae jjigae)

The dish gets its name, army stew, from harder times, and true to its namesake, it’s loaded up with all things plain but wonderful — instant ramen, salty Spam, chewy rice cakes and silky soft tofu.


Julia Stiles leads this juicy thriller, set in the glamorous French Riviera: sun-soaked playground to the super-rich, and the perfect place to hide dangerous secrets. In this latest season, Georgina (Stiles) has abandoned the cursed Riviera and started her life over, only to be thrown headlong into a dark and dangerous conspiracy.

Popcorn is the O.G TV snack! Take it to the next level and add a Parisian twist to your next batch.

Café de Paris popcorn

Café de Paris butter, made with Dijon mustard, herbs, capers and anchovies, melted over fresh, hot popcorn.


In the not too distant future, a viral plague has swept the earth. In a matter of weeks, it killed 99% of men. The 1% were sent to The Facility in New Zealand but didn't survive. Or did they? Creamerie picks up eight years after the near-mass-extinction.

This dark comedy, set in New Zealand, is plot twist after plot twist. Keep up with the drama with a hunter's pie, a classic on New Zealand farms (where there are plenty of game meats).

New Zealand hunter’s pie

Game meats are important part of New Zealand culture and cuisine, and a number of different meats are combined together here in a delicious hearty pie. Hare, wild pig and venison share a gaminess that is brought together with a minerally pinot noir. If using meat from farmed animals perhaps limit the dish to farmed venison only, as rabbit and pork will not have the same depth of flavour as their wilder cousins.

La Fortuna

From Oscar-winning director Alejandro Amenabar, La Fortuna stars Stanley Tucci as a devious treasure hunter. Alex Ventura, a young diplomat, becomes the leader of a collective effort to recover an underwater shipwreck.

Make a comforting rice pudding (arroz con leche), a Costa Rican classic loved all across Central America.

Rice pudding (arroz con leche)

I’m sure my family have clocked their one-hundredth round on this recipe – we love it and make it all the time. Although using the condensed milk might be cheating a little bit, it makes a creamy, luscious and very indulgent dessert – thank you Rosalia! In case you’re wondering, Rosalia says this definitely can’t be made with skim milk – "You use full-cream then go for a run!"

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Quinoa poke bowl

These poke bowls are one of the quickest things to cook, particularly if you keep some quinoa cooked in the fridge. It’s bowl food at its best (and also handy if you have kids that are obsessed with sushi).

Hong Kong mince and peas

Easy peasy! This meal is a quick throw-together of rice, beef mince, peas and classic Cantonese flavours like dark soy sauce and white pepper.

Lasagne jaffle

If you have left over lasagne in the fridge, then simply wedge a piece between two pieces of buttered bread and toast in a jaffle iron for the easiest TV dinner ever.

TV spaghetti

All done in the one pot, TV spaghetti is made with anchovies, parsley and chilli. It's the go-to for lazy nights and empty stomachs.