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Adam Liaw continues to cook, laugh, and explore culture with some of Australia's most beloved in The Cook Up With Adam Liaw S2.
11 Apr 2022 - 10:51 AM  UPDATED 5 May 2022 - 4:25 PM

--- The Cook Up with Adam Liaw's second season airs weeknights on SBS Food at 7.00pm and 10.30pm. It will encore on SBS Food at 11am weekdays and at 3.40pm on SBS. SBS Food will air a marathon on Sundays at 2.00pm, and series will be made available after broadcast on SBS On Demand. --- 


Adam Liaw, author and TV presenter is joined each night by two food-loving friends for a half hour of good fun and conversation as they cook up a variety of dishes centred around a nightly theme. Whether it’s an ingredient, a style of cuisine or cultural inspiration, Adam whips up his dish first before his guests follow suit with easy to follow recipes and tips for viewers to follow at home in time for dinner.

There will be celebrities, culture, food, and lots of laughs in a series that will provide everyday inspiration for foodies and non-foodies alike.

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Adam Liaw continues to cook, laugh, and explore culture with some of Australia's most beloved in The Cook Up With Adam Liaw S2.
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Adam Liaw continues to cook, laugh, and explore culture with some of Australia's most beloved in The Cook Up With Adam Liaw S2.
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Adam Liaw returns for a massive second season, where he continues to cook, laugh, and explore culture with some of Australia's most beloved in The Cook Up With Adam Liaw S2.

Episode 31 | Keep A Lid On It

Airs 7:00pm Monday 2 May, 2022 on SBS Food

Adam, ABC Radio Sydney host Simon Marnie and fashion designer and TV presenter Claudia Chan Shaw create dishes that are easy to store and keep a lid on. 

Soy chicken wingettes

"My mother Vivian Chan Shaw taught me this recipe, and it’s always on high rotation at our place. Mum uses orange juice instead of chicken stock in this recipe. The dried mandarin peel reminds me of our grandma, who always had mandarin peels drying in the sun at her place."

Chicken and leek pie

"This recipe is based on the chicken and mushroom pie I used to make at Bronte Café. I use it nowadays to use up leftover chicken."

Mustard and parmesan steak sandwich

Step up your steak sandwich game with these condiments: caramelised onions, Dijon mustard and parmesan butter, and a tart French persillade dressing of herbs and garlic. 

Episode 32 | Waste Not Want Not

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 3 May, 2022 on SBS Food

Zero Waste warrior Sarah Wilson and Three Blue Ducks owner Mark LaBrooy join Adam in the Cook Up kitchen to create some dishes that use the whole ingredient. 

Dreggy jar dressings

Instead of rinsing out those last bits from your jars of spreads, you can add some extra ingredients to the jars and shake them up for resourceful dressings, sauces and stocks.

Grilled kingfish head and wings

"This is a recipe that we regularly feature in our 3 Blue Ducks restaurant in Rosebery. It's a great way to use the whole fish and the head, something that is commonly discarded has some very tasty morsels located in the cheek and wings."

Bubble and squeak okonomiyaki

Usually made with shredded cabbage, this take on the Japanese savoury pancake uses up your leftover roast vegetables, bound together with egg and cheese then topped with okonomiyaki's signature barbecue-style sauce and mayonnaise. 

Episode 33 | Sweet Comfort Food

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 4 May, 2022 on SBS Food

Adam, comedian Gen Fricker and The Old Fitz chef Anna Ugarte-Carral create some delicious comfort foods of the sweet kind in the Cook Up kitchen.

Apple pie porridge

"Porridge does not get the respect it deserves – a low GI hero of breakfast that deserves the glow up kale and sweet potato have gotten in recent years."

Burnt Basque cheesecake

"I obviously cannot say I invented this recipe (at all), but it is a favourite and can be tweaked to another level by adding different cheeses - blue cheese if you fancy. Take the cooking time down slightly for a more custardy texture."

Danish butter cookie cupcakes

For lovers of a Danish butter cookie, you can now enjoy indulge in these vanilla cupcakes topped with Danish butter cookie icing and topped with an extra cookie for good measure.

Episode 34 | Breakfast For Dinner

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 5 May, 2022 on SBS Food

TV personality & chef Jason Roberts and head chef at Sydney restaurant Red Lantern Mark Jensen are in the Cook Up kitchen with Adam creating breakfast dishes for dinner.

Ham and cheese toasted sandwich (Croque Madame)

For a Croque Madame, a classic French bistro dish, a ham and cheese toastie is stepped up with a coating of creamy sauce and then topped with a fried egg.

Chao Ga (Vietnamese chicken congee)

"This Vietnamese version of congee uses uncooked rice so it retains a firm rice texture, but you can use leftover rice in the recipe... The flavour is familiar, warming and comforting. You can boost the intensity of flavour by adding fish sauce and sliced chilli to garnish."

Scrambled eggs on black garlic bread

Black garlic is aged garlic, and has a rich, sweet-and-savoury, almost molasses-like flavour. Here it's combined with fresh garlic, chopped parsley and butter to create a condiment of dreams for creamy scrambled eggs. 

Episode 35 | Mexican

Airs 7:00pm Friday 6 May, 2022 on SBS Food

Adam hosts Mexican Deli owner Rosa Cienfuegos and Chica Bonita chef Alejandro Huerta to create dishes from our guests' home country of Mexico.


Chicken tamales with green sauce

"This is my own recipe and signature dish at my shops, although tamales original version and or author are unknown as it is one of oldest dishes from Mexico."

Lamb barbacoa with consomé, salsa verde and tortillas

"One of the most traditional Mexican dishes, originally from the city of Hidalgo in Pachuca, Mexico. Lamb is traditionally cooked in a pit covered with banana leaves and then eaten with salsa, consomé and tortillas. This was my mom's favourite thing to eat on Sundays with the family."

Fideo seco (Mexican spaghetti)

When you can't decide between Italian and Mexican for dinner, this pasta is the answer: spaghetti, fresh tomatoes, chilli, avocado and sour cream.

Episode 36 | 90's Dinner Party

Airs 7:00pm Monday 9 May, 2022 on SBS Food

Grab your hyper colour t-shirt and bum-bag, because were going back to the 90’s. Adam, actress Virginia Gay and political satirist Mark Humphries are in the Cook Up kitchen creating their ultimate 90’s dinner party dishes.

Strawberry and peach syllabub

Hailing from Cornwall in the south of England, syllabub is a dessert of sweetened cream and liquor. This recipes adds pureed fresh strawberries into the mix, and the suggested liquor of choice is Advocaat or brandy liqueur.

Quail egg and caramelised onion quiche

"Quiches are a 90's dinner party classic, and caramelised onion and quail eggs two deeply 90s ingredients. You can make this quiche... without the quail eggs if you can't find them anywhere, just add more cheese, or bacon, or prosciutto, but the thing you can't skimp on is the time it takes to caramelise the onions."

Wedges with sweet chilli and sour cream

It’s a good idea to start these well in advance so the potatoes have time to chill before roasting. You can even start it the day before if you have time.


Episode 37 | Locally Sourced

Airs 7:00pm Tuesday 10 May, 2022 on SBS Food

SBS News presenter Janice Petersen and comedian Dane Simpson join Adam Liaw in the Cook Up kitchen to create some dishes using locally grown and sourced products. 

Smoky trout pie and mash

"I had the famous snapper pie at The Boathouse at Blackwattle Bay many years ago and have given it a crack at home. I draw inspiration from the original but in my version, the trout is the star."

Homemade pizza

Although making your own pizza base is a little more effort than buying a ready-made base, it can be fun and interactive activity with kids or guests, and is worth it for the final flavour and texture.

Ebichiri and ebimayo

Ebi means prawn in Japanese, and 'ebichiri' is a popular local dish of prawns stir-fried in chilli sauce; 'ebimayo' is prawns sautéed in an umami-rich Japanese mayonnaise-based sauce.

Episode 38 | Tasmania

Airs 7:00pm Wednesday 11 May, 2022 on SBS Food

Author and lecturer Bruce Pascoe and chef Jared Ingersoll are creating all things Tasmanian in the Cook Up kitchen with Adam. 

Steamed oysters

"Steamed oysters with butter sauce is something I picked up when cooking at the Square in London years back, the lettuce and chive seasoning is an awesome combo. Ideally the pickle should be made a couple of days in advance but will be tasty as on the day."

Tasmanian oysters with wasabi stem

While this dish has a double-hit of wasabi in the dressing, it uses fresh wasabi, which has a grassy flavour and much more of a subtle kick. Just the thing for sweet and briny Tassie oysters.

Wasabi and warrigal greens pesto

Serve this pesto alongside pan–fried barramundi or any other seafood, meat or grilled veggies.

Episode 39 | Movie Night

Airs 7:00pm Thursday 12 May, 2022 on SBS Food

Adam, food writer Kate Gibbs, and former MasterChef contestant Aaron Harvie are creating some fun movie night meals in the Cook Up kitchen.

Steak sandwich

"The sauce in this dish is a fun play on the traditional best friend of the steak... Béarnaise Sauce. It's easy to make, delicious to eat and is pretty hard to mess up, no matter how bad a cook you are."

Ssam-style short ribs with shallot and ginger sauce

"This is finger food at its best. It's messy and delicious and the kids love it as much as the adults, just omit the chilli at the end for them. I love short ribs done like this – it's not the traditional slow cook but having a little texture to the beef is a bonus here."

Kimchi and garlic butter fried rice

Whether you're looking to use up leftover cooked rice or just looking for a new take on fried rice, this full-of-flavour, buttery kimchi fried rice is here for you.

Episode 40 | Blast From The Past

Airs 7:00pm Friday 13 May, 2022 on SBS Food

Adam is joined by newsreader and Indigenous advocate Narelda Jacobs and chef Bridget Foliaki Davis to create dishes that remind them of the past. 

Cheese scones with raspberry jam

"I was born with a literal scone in my hand. On the day of my birth my great great Aunt Edna was dispatched to our house to help look after my brothers and sister as Mum was otherwise indisposed.... Though Aunt Edna's scones were not gluten free, I have recreated as close to her recipe as possible whilst removing the gluten and fortifying them with extra protein."

Fish skewers with yoghurt and dill

After the fish has marinated, these skewers are ready in a matter of minutes. Fragrant and tender, they’re a great addition to a summer barbecue spread.

Quandong chicken with creamy mash

"This is a reimagining of one of my favourite family dinners – Apricot chicken! Quandongs are also known as native peach and quandong jam or chutney makes an incredible substitute for apricot nectar."