Kirsten Tibballs returns in the second season of The Chocolate Queen, with recipes for everything from chocolate 'brie' to choc-filled doughnuts.
5 Jul 2022 - 11:48 PM  UPDATED 6 Jul 2022 - 2:56 AM

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Kirsten Tibballs' invitation to viewers in the new season of The Chocolate Queen is hard to resist: "If you're like me and you believe that chocolate is the key to happiness, then join me as I reveal the tips and secrets to my favourite homemade chocolate recipes."

And what chocolate lover would harbour any thoughts of resistances as Tibballs shares recipes from playful (a chocolate 'brie' made with cream cheese, or a wreath made from chocolate-coated potato chips) to stunning (her chocolate babka knots, for starters).

Here's a taste of what's coming up. 


Ganache-filled cookies

"Whether you call them cookies or biscuits, these chocolate chip morsels are absolutely amazing," say Tibballs. "They're filled with an orange-infused ganache, crunchy and chewy and creamy all at the same time."  The crunch comes in part from the cornflakes included in the biscuit dough, which also has chunks of both milk and dark chocolate. 

Chocolate scrolls

"Who doesn't love freshly baked scrolls, especially with the addition of milk chocolate? These are my delicious chocolate scrolls with a touch of cinnamon and a clear sugar glaze," says Tibballs of these sweet pull-apart buns, which she makes in the first episode. 

Choc nut meringues

These simple meringues are crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle, with a touch of pecans and chocolate.

Chocolate 'brie' and crackers

This looks like a round of brie, but it's really a playful dessert or special afternoon tea offering, made with white chocolate, cream and cream cheese. Serve your 'brie' with Kirsten Tibballs' chocolate crackers for a dessert version of a cheese board. 

Babka knot

This round yeasted plait with chocolate-peanut butter filling looks amazing, and you can make it, bake it and eat it on the same day. 

Look out for more recipes, from chocolate coconut lollipops to flower pot cakes, chocolate-filled doughnuts and chocolate-date ice-cream cake, each week. 


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