21 Oct 2010 - 10:53 AM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2013 - 9:31 AM

Nick is on board. So is Ross, thankfully, because he seems to be the one who does most of the work. And I’m involved too. Yes, the rumour that is starting to build in Tassie (no, not that really interesting one, the one that there may be a new series of Gourmet Farmer) is true. Max, our trusted director/cameraman/friend, has been down a couple of times to check things out. Calls are being made, plans drawn up, ideas bandied about.

Locals are already asking the question: Will Cygnet, the gorgeous town closest to the farm, actually get a look in on the show this time? Has Ross learned to shoot straight yet? Will I continue to look like a goose with no practical skills and hat hair on national telly and do a voiceover that sounds like I’ve just gotten out of bed?

Yes, yes, yes!

Well, that’s the plan so far, but if the last time we filmed was anything to go by, who knows? We shot plenty of material that never made it to air. What we do will be filmed and edited and packaged into a seamless show by a team a long way away. What we do know is that you’ll come back to see how the farm has changed, how life has changed. We’re hoping to visit more of Tasmania’s brilliant producers, including some in areas we’ve not shot before.

There are new products to trial and new markets to visit and more of the insanely lovable locals to meet. We hope to get out on the water again, to forage in the woods, and to (this bit we’re really excited about) film more of it outside in the warmer months.

To all those wonderful people who’ve written (from around the country and, surprisingly, from around the world) to the farm, on the website, to me personally or to Nick and Ross, we can finally answer the question. Yes, there will be more shots of a dag talking about pigs, more foodie exploits on and off the farm, and more boys’ own adventures in this stunning state we’re lucky enough to call home.