When Christine Manfield’s glorious book Tasting India arrived in our office, the Feast team was literally queuing to browse its pages. Filled with vivid images and mouth-watering recipes, the flavours and aromas of this many-faceted country almost seemed to rise from the paper. Not surprisingly, we were all thrilled when Christine allowed us to use her curry leaf chicken recipe in this month’s curry feature. Mr Ed is a huge fan of Indian food, but not of chilli. As this curry isn't too hot, it seemed perfect.
6 May 2013 - 12:33 PM  UPDATED 21 Aug 2014 - 11:33 AM

Bags of dried chillies are something I tend to buy, use once, and then have them in the pantry for the next three years. So I split this packet with the team and am determined to get through my allotment. Fresh curry leaves are widely available – I picked mine up at the Fiji Mart in Sydney’s Newtown and emerged 30 minutes later laden with crunchy, spicy snacks, dried mango, Mexican chocolate and three kinds of pappadums. Everything else was already in the pantry.

The marinade was simple and, considering it only needs 10 minutes standing time, this quick meal is perfect for busy weeknights. However, my chicken ended up marinating for 24 hours as we made a last-minute decision to eat out – all well and good except that it turned out a little wetter than the original recipe. Our food editor Phoebe tells me that’s because the yoghurt would have leached some liquid over that period of time. It still tasted great and I’m never averse to mopping up a bit of extra sauce with a well-buttered piece of naan.

I made my own cashew paste in the blender, which was super simple, and have enough left over to make this curry leaf chicken another night. The fresh curry leaves add a wonderful flavour but bizarrely, I don’t like the smell of them. Anyway, another success from the Feast home kitchen – this was the perfect amount of heat for Mr Ed and a great curry to cook for the family as it’s not too fiery, yet is still packed with flavour.

Do you prefer mild curries – or the fire-alarm versions?

Editor, SBS Feast