Checking into a hotel in Iran is like taking a voyage back in time. The only thing is that it’s aged really badly and smells like a library.
3 Jul 2013 - 5:07 PM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2013 - 9:31 AM

Let me set the scene. Lime green toilet, basin and shower, with an analogue orange phone that looks like something you'd find in a hipster bar in Brunswick. There's also a yellow-stained roof from all the cigarettes and stained shag pile rugs. All of which would have been brought into the hotel when it was built back in the 70s, but not really what I'd call retro.

What about the Iranian nightlife? Well, it's not really existent. Well, not the nightlife I'm used to anyway. No bars, clubs or restaurants that serve booze, so not really much to do. From what I heard, there's a bit of an underground movement. Young people defying the law, having dance parties, women taking off their head scarves, drinking black-market booze, sex before marriage and house parties. Definitely one of those things where you need to know someone to get invited. Unfortunately, my contacts in the Iranian party scene were a bit crap, so I have to say my time in Tehran was a bit boring!

I loved the country, people, food and history, but as a fun, party place to visit, give it a miss.

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