• Grilled rib eye with porcini and peppercorn salt and lemony salsa verde (Petrina Tinslay)Source: Petrina Tinslay
If you can forgive us for assuming all men are insatiable steak 'n' rib lovers, you might enjoy our collection of recipes for succulent Spanish roast lamb, fluffy pork and veal meatballs, and an unbeatable bacon and egg roll (HP sauce included).
18 Jun 2014 - 3:18 PM  UPDATED 2 Jul 2014 - 11:04 PM

1. The less washing up, the better

This is a rustic dish of bangers in a rich onion sauce, cooked in the oven. Serve hot with crusty bread, roasted spuds or even polenta. It's a winner with Gourmet Farmer Matthew Evans, and it's plain to see why.

Via Feast magazine

2. Bread winner

This recipe will teach you the most respected of all life skills: how to make meltingly tender pork.

Via Feast magazine

3. Crunch master

Kara-age is one of Adam Liaw's absolute favourites. Frying the chicken three times at high heat, with resting times in between, produces the crispiest skin ever.

4. Breakfast of champions

A mighty bacon and egg roll for those who got a little too loose on Friday night. (The homemade HP-style sauce makes it.)

Via Feast magazine

A high-protein breakfast with egg and bacon could reduce snacking during the day.

5. There are people coming over? Uh-oh.

This is the kind of lamb roast you could make for a dinner party, even if you’re not one to hold such frivolous feasts. Comes with patatas bravas. Bravo.

Via Feast magazine

6. If you need me, I'll be at the barbecue

Duncan Welgemoed (below), head chef at Bistro Dom in Adelaide, says this recipe for piri-piri chicken would feature in his last supper. Throw it on the barbecue and your work here is done.

Africola's Duncan Welgemoed at your service

7. Like Mama used to make

A good meatball is a thing of beauty. Tama Carey's pork and veal meatballs with chilli and lots of ricotta are unlike any other – delicate, fluffy, creamy as.

8. Steak. Want. Gimme.

Having a barbie? Impress your friends with the food dept.'s juicy grilled rib-eye with lemony salsa verde.

Grilled rib eye with porcini and peppercorn salt and lemony salsa verde

9. Take it up a notch

SBS Online staffer Matt Costain says, "Pasta is a huge bloke meal. It’s just about all most guys can reliably cook for themselves." Ditch tonight's bolognese for a pappardelle with rabbit ragout?

Via the food dept.

10. No cutlery required

A great egg and bacon pie can't be topped (unless with an exceptional pea mash). If you like, use smoked chicken, pancetta or prosciutto in place of bacon. But you probably won't. #notjudging

11. A slice of the action

Look at this beast of a pizza with sausage and mascarpone! It uses fiery ’nduja, which is, essentially, a spreadable pork sausage. Yes, you read right: spreadable pork sausage.

12. Meat-and-potato man

Matthew Evans' fresh chorizo with fried potato speaks for itself. Gear up for that trademark paprika hit.

13. Think big

This pork belly curry from Austin Bush is found all over northern Thailand and, because it’s easy to make in large volumes, is often associated with communal eating. Steam some rice and invite the gang over.

14. The right stuffing

A spiced stuffing makes for an intensely flavoured Lebanese lamb roast. What are you possibly waiting for? Carve it up!

15. A little bit of kick

Watching the World Cup this weekend? Cajun fried chicken makes for great couch company.

Via the food dept.

Cajun fried chicken with a green chilli and coriander dressing

Too much meat? We hear you. Here's the perfect antidote, our vegetarian recipe collection.

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