• Banoffee milkshake (Petrina Tinslay)Source: Petrina Tinslay
If you've ditched the drink for Dry July, bars probably aren't your number one priority. Don't fall out of the social scene, invite friends over to yours for a cheaper, healthier and moustache-free(er) night out. These better-than-alcohol beverages will definitely win you points.
9 Jul 2014 - 12:33 PM  UPDATED 14 Jul 2014 - 9:53 AM

1. Heston’s hot chocolate

London local Heston Blumenthal knows about the burdens of long, frostbitten winters. He subsists with a mug of steaming hot choc in hand. Bound to blow your mind, the recipe takes less than 10 minutes to prepare.

2. You’ll feel healthy, not headache-y

While your co-workers pop asprin and come down with the flu, you can smile smugly and sip on an immune-boosting smoothie from Teresa Cutter. Filled with orange, carrot, ginger and turmeric, it’s pretty much liquid gold. 

3. The sober ones are sweetest

This notion applies to both people and drinks. Look at the food dept.’s banoffee milkshake, for instance. Combining bananas, ice-cream, condensed milk and chocolate, this drink’s an exemplar of saccharinity. 

Banoffee milkshake

4. There’s a better kind of beer

Quit the carb-loading and swap stubbies for Matthew Evansginger beer. Filled with citrus and spice, this three ingredient recipe is one the whole family can enjoy.

Via Feast magazine

Ginger beer

5. It’s warm, gooey and good for you

Coconut, tick. Cocoa nibs, tick. Cinnamon and nutmeg, tick. This coconut milk coco from Dan Churchill is packed with health store ingredients, unlike its boozy, imbibable cousins. 

6. An apple a day keeps your street cred A-OK

Mulled apple cider might be the latest scene-ster drink, but listen up: Turkish apple ‘tea’ is way more with it. Featuring cinnamon, cloves and honey, this tipple from Feast is terrific hot or cold.

Turkish apple tea

7. Curries will be a breeze

Ever suffered from “my tongue is on fire!” syndrome during an Indian feast? Fear the heat no longer! Serve spicy fare with mango lassi and seek tastebud refuge in the chilled cardamom and cumin smoothie.

Via Feast magazine  

Indian mango smoothie (mango lassi)

8. We think you’re ready for this jelly

Juice made fresh at home tramples any “vodka and cranberry” you’ll order at a bar. Philippa Sibley’s pure fruit juice recipe can be tapered to your tastes – pears, peaches, berries? – or converted into jelly for a joyous dessert. 

Pure strawberry juice

9. You’ll make some matés

Alcohol may be a social lubricant in Australia, but for South Americans revellers, maté is where it’s at. Served in a gourd with a metal straw, this strong, bitter tea is commonly passed around at parties. 


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