Over the years, we've collected prized recipes from all the big guns, including Heston's perfect mash, Madhur Jaffrey's masala roasted chicken, and Margaret Fulton's ricotta pancakes with fig jam. Take this hotlist into the kitchen.
22 Jul 2014 - 2:49 PM  UPDATED 28 Jul 2014 - 11:57 AM

1. Rachel Khoo's boeuf bourguignon with baguette dumplings

"Each region in France uses their own local red wine for this dish, so you don't need to use a bottle of Burgundy! Dumplings made from leftover baguettes make a great alternative to potatoes, as well as soaking up the juices from the stew," says Rachel. Get the recipe

2. Greg Malouf and Lucy Malouf's cardamom-pistachio butter fudge

"This wickedly buttery, cardamom-scented sweet is from the religious city of Qom, about an hour south of Tehran, and is famous all around Iran," says Greg.

3. Tetsuya Wakuda's confit of ocean trout

Tetsuya shares his signature confit of ocean trout, adapted so it's easily achievable at home. The oil is spiked with garlic, thyme, basil and coriander seeds for delicious results.

4. Kylie Kwong's stir-fried potato with chilli sauce and black beans

This potato stir-fry makes a welcome change from roasted, fried, baked or mashed – the starchiness of the potato is a great foil for the bold flavours of chilli and salted black beans.

Stir-fried potato with chilli sauce and black beans

5. Antonio and Gennaro's panettone and ricotta pudding

This classic sweet pudding is a wonderful way to use up leftover panettone.

6. Margaret Fulton's ricotta pancakes with fig jam and cream

"As with sandwiches, pancakes offer a field day for the creative cook to add imaginative touches; for example, figs that have been sugared and lightly grilled could replace the fig jam, as could lightly sugared berries," writes Margaret.

7. Heston Blumenthal's macaroni cheese

"If you want a real centrepiece, cook this mac and cheese in the hollowed-out rind of a cheese – it adds to the overall cheesiness and looks great," remarks Heston.

8. Matthew Evans' lamb shoulder moussaka

The heady, cinnamon-spiced eggplant moussaka is covered with a creamy ricotta and kefalograviera instead of the usual béchamel sauce.

Moussaka is always good!

9. Yotam Ottolenghi's roasted chicken with Jerusalem artichoke and lemon

"The combination of saffron and whole lemon slices does not only make for a beautiful-looking dish, it goes exceptionally well with the nutty earthiness of the artichokes," explains Yotam.

10.  Philippa Sibley's lemon tart

"The sucrée tart shell makes for a soft, buttery pastry case that just melts in the mouth," says Philippa. Get the recipe

11. Luke Nguyen's pork ribs braised in young coconut juice

In this Vietnamese dish, the pork ribs are first marinated and then flash fried, and finished by lightly braising the ribs in young coconut juice. This adds a wonderful sweetness.

12. Frank Camorra's Catalan flatbread

Known by the Catalan locals as coca, these leavened flatbreads are indeed similar to pizza but you'd better not tell them that!


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