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We've come a long way from meat and three veg. so charge your glasses for the flavours from down under - all grown up.
27 Jul 2014 - 4:09 PM  UPDATED 9 Nov 2017 - 3:39 PM

These days, our prawns are Sichuan pepper-coated, our fish fingers fancy, and our melting moments gluten-free.  Check out just how 'Strayan cuisine has grown up.

1. We’re schooled … on prawns

Nothing says Aussie summer more than a bucket of prawns and an icy cold beer. Go one better with these babies from the food dept. Coat your crustaceans in salt and Sichuan pepper, then dip into coriander and lime aïoli. Nice one.

Salt and Sichuan pepper baby prawns with coriander and lime aioli

2. Australians are a hand-y bunch 

Who needs high-fives and fist pumps when we come from a land of thumbs up and lamington fingers? Try Anneka Manning’s chocolate and coconut-coated sponges and you’ll absolutely agree.

All hail the humble combination of sponge, chocolate and coconut on this most welcome day: Lamington Day.

3. Our melting pot is multicultural

This prawn and crocodile laksa from Adam Liaw is the embodiment of contemporary Australian cuisine. It mixes native ingredients, such as saltwater croc and macadamias, with the exotic flavours gifted to us from waves of immigration.

4. We believe in a fair go for all

No gluten? No worries. These melting moments from Rowie Dillon are made from rice flour, so even coeliacs can savour our biscuity national treasure.  

Melting moments

5. There’s more than shrimp on the barbie

Ever heard of brick chicken? We can’t say it’s an Aussie invention, but Adam Liaw's version – paired with lemon myrtle and yoghurt aïoli – is a guaranteed winner. Serve at your next backyard barbecue and impress the mates.

6. We’re smarter than we look

Aussies are renowned for our laid-back approach, but, the truth is, we’re corner-cuttingly clever. Save time on dessert with this frozen passionfruit pavlova from the food dept. Prepare in less than 10 minutes if you use a store-bought meringue.

7. Even our fish fingers are fancy

We're proud to say Australian cuisine has ditched its cringe-worthy demeanour (nobody mention Chiko Rolls, okay?). Take Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz’s fish fingers, for example. Made from cuttlefish, sashimi-grade kingfish and crusty sourdough bread, these traditional TV snacks are now classier than the Queen.

8. There's plenty of shanks to go round

Australia’s home to more marsupials than people, but that doesn’t mean we’re hopping mad. High in protein and low in fat, kangaroo and wallaby meat is a delicious alternative to beef, pork and lamb. Try Mark Olive’s braised wallaby shanks for a flavour sensation.

Via Feast magazine  

9. We roll up our sleeves and roll our oats

ANZAC biscuits aren’t just a tea-time treat; they’re part of our national identity. This version from Leanne Kitchen uses palm sugar instead of golden syrup, giving your bickies a rich, caramel complexity. 

10. It’s high time (for pie time)

We’ve all enjoyed birthdays with party pies and fairy bread, so why not include kids’ classics in our “coming of age” celebrations? These meaty treats from Feast feature lamb, thyme and Dijon mustard. We promise they’ll beat the original.


For more Aussie bites, check out our Modern Australian recipe collection here. 

Feeling nostalgic? We want you! For the month of November, SBS Food is asking food lovers far and wide to get creative by putting a multicultural twist or your creative spin on an Australian classic... Welcome to #BringBackTheClassics - enter now!

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We want you! For the month of November, SBS Food is asking food lovers far and wide to get creative by putting a multicultural twist or creative spin on an Australian favourite... Welcome to #BringBackTheClassics!
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