Love your food blisteringly hot? From burgers, dips, stir-fries and desserts, to blow-your-socks-off curries, our spicy repertoire of recipes will keep the home fires burning.
19 Aug 2014 - 11:00 AM  UPDATED 24 Oct 2018 - 2:06 PM

1. What's your beef?

There's no hint of subtlety in this fork-tender beef rendang from revered curry queen Charmaine Solomon. There's tangy tamarind pulp at work, plus a stream of coconut cream to offset the fiery handful of chilli involved. The curry keeps well, developing more flavour the next day, so make a lot.

2. Ka-pow and crunch!

The eating of this Lao pawpaw salad will provide somewhat of a soundtrack to those around you, thanks to strands of raw pawpaw, crisp cabbage and snap-happy beans. It's a textural slug to the tastebuds, and like the rendang above, stars enough chilli to incite tears.

3. Got the sweats yet?

The Sichuan province of China is no stranger to heat. Its cuisine is well noted for the use of chilli and mouth-numbling Sichuan peppercorns. This kung-pao chicken is a top restaurant number, which, if made at home, is ready in the same time it takes to poach pears

Kung pao chicken

4. What are ya? Chicken?

Adobo lovers are likely confused by the below; outright baffled as to why their beloved Filipino dish doesn't look as it should. But to those hair-splitters we say, "give it a go". Your fondness for chicken seasoned with soy sauce, vinegar and black peppercorns remains. Yasmin Newman's merely added coconut milk to the mix. Traditionalists, here's the popular version you're likely used to.

Chicken adobo

5. Hot in herrrrre

The Uyghur are one of China’s largest ethnic minorities. In Kunming, they're known for their Chinese-Muslim cuisine – especially beef skewers, cooked on the streets over glowing charcoal. This is Luke Nguyen's attempt to replicate a generations-old recipe. We think he's pretty darn close.

6. Heat source

Look at this one. It's a behemoth, wait - burger, replete with caramelised pork belly, tofu and the all-too-familiar heat of Sriracha sauce and slaw. While you get your head around that, munch on a handful of spicy Sichuan onion rings. Indeed, this was made for fire breathers

7. Seeing red

Tama Carey, our resident Seasonal Cook, shares this braised duck leg, fennel and chilli. Yes, the recipe runs long, but so too will your accolades for cooking it. Serve with lentils and a nice green salad.

Braised duck leg, fennel & chilli with blood orange puree

8. Packing a punch

Red chillies contain high amounts of vitamin C, which might mean reaching for a few bird's eyes when you're rundown. This simple recipe for lemongrass tofu and chilli kankong fits the bill. It's also a perfect light, summer meal for vegetarians or those flirting with the idea.

9. Great balls of fire

Meatballs like mama used to make might not be an impossible dream. Tama Carey's pork and veal polpette with a hint of chilli and lots of ricotta are up there with the best we've tried. They're delicious served with torn pieces of crusty bread or soft and creamy, Parmesan-heavy polenta.

10. Spice master

Korean fried chicken (dakgangjeong) wings are coated in cornflour, twice-fried until crisp and golden, then coated in a sticky, sweet, spicy, tangy and completely addictive sauce. Top with chopped peanuts and call it a day. 

11. Heart-stoppingly hot

Tama Carey has made countless pillows of gnocchi in her time. Thus, we're sharing her chilli-laden, chicken-heart ragu version for our more adventurous eaters. Tell us what you think!

12. Test your tastebuds

As a chilli enthusiast, we know you've got those dried flakes hiding somewhere in your spice pantry. Once located, test your heat chops by shaking a little (read: a lot) into Feast's chilli and five-spice squid.

13. Got chilli?

Put 'em to use in Moroccan chef Hassan M'Souli's harissa. It's great with burgers, roast potatoes, in dips and dressings, or as a marinade for meat and fish.

14. Sweet 'n' fiery

Exhibit A is the food dept.'s Mayan chocolate tart. We pray you have more self-control than those present at the photoshoot.

Mayan chocolate tart

15.  Chill, there's more

Starting mussels, clams and red snapper fillet, this Mexican stew from chef Steve Parle and professional spice blender Emma Grazette is a chilli-fied seafood sensation.

View our complete chilli recipe collection here.

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