Oozing with cheese, packed with pulled pork, or embracing your ice-cream of choice, these sweet, spicy and soothing sandwiches are superior to any "steady". Choose your flavour of the week and make date night a delicious experience.
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With Food Paradise International chasing down the tastiest sandwiches on earth on Food Network tonight (8.30pm March 14, then on SBS On Demand), we've rounded up our favourite combos, so you can have a cracking sandwich wherever you are. 


1. All's fair in love and cheddar

To the unacquainted, Kappacasein’s cheese sandwich might seem unassuming. Sourdough and aged cheddar – what’s the big deal? Miracles lay in the minutiae, friends, and this recipe – with its 50:50 bread-to-cheese ratio, and addition of leek and onion – is toasted perfection. Via Feast magazine

2. Crumb on over, baby

Not for the faint-hearted, this flavour-packed pork roll lands with a punch that will knock you off your chopsticks. Adventurous amorists, team the Japanese-style schnitzel with pickled daikon, cabbage and tonkatsu sauce.

3. Wrap me in your arms!

You’ll have no regrets about this beetroot, apple and goat’s cheese wrap from Green Kitchen Stories. Ideal for picnics, or on-the-go lunches, the tortilla wraps also embrace avocado, walnuts and orange-scented quinoa.

4.  A bit crusty!

"If you love your bacon and egg sandwiches, you’ll definitely enjoy this – two pieces of bread coated in a parmesan and thyme crumb then pan-fried to golden, crunchy perfection and filled with your usual suspects," says Poh Ling Yeow of her Parmesan-crusted egg and bacon sandwich.

5. A true Latin lover

Take the barbecued snag to unimaginable heights with Argentina’s choripan. This recipe from Feast dresses the chorizo roll with a tangy, chilli-spiked chimichurri.

Choripan with chimichurri

6. To be corned, not scorned

A New York deli experience wouldn’t be complete without romancing a Reuben. The beef pastrami, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese rye sandwich beats any dithering date. Bring the passion (and pickles) to your workplace, with this recipe from the food dept.

7. Oh so intoxicating

For a lazy weekend brunch-cum-lunch, bring out last night’s leftovers: baked ham, cranberries, cavolo nero and a smidgen of bourbon. This boozy, buttery and cheesy French toast hits all the right spots.

8. The crimson kiss

Before you become seduced by the decadent magenta velvety masses of cherry sorbet, which you may feel like diving into, remember it tastes even better wedged between two sweet little brioche buns. Via the food dept.

Cherry sorbet on brioche rolls

9. You’ve put lox on my heart

If brioche rolls are the current ‘it’ girl of the burger world, bagels are your timeless muse. This recipe from Feast couples caraway-crusted buns with lemon-herb schmear, capers and lox (salmon cured in salty brining solution).

10. You can never have too much of a good thing

A harmonious layering of cured meats, cheeses and grilled vegetables, the muffaletta is one mighty sandwich. Handily packed in a hollowed-out cob loaf, it’s a shareable, moveable feast. Via Adam Liaw

The sandwich that doubles as a birthday cake

11. Hail the jaffle!

Classic Sichuan street food, dan dan mian, - spicy, salty, sweet and mouth-puckery - makes forexcellent jaffle filling in these dan dan noodle jaffles.

Why you shouldn't skip the bread.

12. The beloved BLT

Our ode to sandwiches wouldn’t be complete without mentioning America’s infamous acronymic variety: the bacon, lettuce and tomato. Increase the allure with vine-ripened tomatoes, good-quality mayonnaise and crispy bacon. Via Feast magazine

13. You could be a sweet dream

We’ve saved the best till last with this macadamia cookie and tropical ice-cream sandwich from the food dept. Adaptable and ultra easy to make, it's a (heart)melting experience.

Macadamia cookie and tropical ice-cream sandwiches

Keen to continue the love affair? Check out our sandwich collection here.


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