• Proper yeast-risen waffles (Alan Benson)Source: Alan Benson
Feeling dusty from the night that was? Pour yourself a stiff cuppa (or Bloody Mary, if so inclined), it's time to get cooking. Soften the sore head with a stack of French toast, reclaim your confidence via poached egg success and discover greasy peace in a bacon and baked beans jaffle. Those healthy eating resolutions can definitely wait.
27 Jan 2015 - 2:51 PM  UPDATED 30 Jan 2015 - 9:28 AM

1. Swap bafflement for jaffle-ment

Always a thinker, Matt Evans subverts the traditional toastie model by placing bacon on the outside of bread! The cured meat will crisp in your jaffle-maker, giving the baked bean- and cheddar-filled sandwich an oily coating that's infinitely beter than butter. Via Feast magazine

2. Potatoes gonna potate

How do Germans recover from Oktoberfest? With a stein of aspirin-spiked H2O and a plate of Farmer’s breakfast or bauernfrühstück. This antidote to feeling ‘urghh’ contains fried potato, bacon and egg, with a scattering of chives for self-respect.

3. Head for the bread

More sticky-sweetness than a plate of greasiness, this is French toast, Jewish-style. Made with challah (bread) and a cinnamon-specked egg mixture, the fried treat is best topped with icing sugar, maple syrup and a handful of fresh blueberries. Via Cooking From the Heart 

4. Tit for tattie

If you’re feeling chipper enough for a fry-up, we recommend adding tattie scones to the mix. These potato pancakes from Feast require minimal ingredients and are surprisingly flavoursome on their own. 

5. When time is of the essence

Adapted from the traditional Spanish omelette, this Filipino recipe makes for a speedy breakfast or late night supper. It’s a simple affair – scrambled eggs, soft onions and sweet tomatoes on a bed of rice – but one you’re bound to relish.

6. Rise, shine and eat waffles

For proper yeast-risen waffles, mix the batter before bed (or a big night out) and let it sit in your fridge till morn. When breakfast beckons, pop the batter in your waffle iron or maker, and serve with fruit, maple syrup and pouring cream. Via Feast magazine.

Proper yeast-risen waffles

7. Bluffin’ with my muffin

As proclaimed by our everyday baker Anneka Manning: “Muffins should have substance”. Studded with apple, pecan, cinnamon and maple syrup, these goodies fit the bill. Better yet, they can freeze for up to three months! Hello muffin magic on the fly.

8. Make like a Parisian, grab the Gruyère

Gabriel Gaté’s crôque monsieur isn’t the prettiest-looking sandwich in the kitchen, but boy, does it taste good. Layered with Gruyère and parmesan, it’s the ham and cheese sarnie of a turophile’s dreams.

9. When it’s all turning to mush

Bless Matthew Evans. The Gourmet Farmer’s recipe catalogue is brimming with brekkie All-Stars like crumpets, bacon butties and chorizo with fried potato. For a slightly healthier idea, try Matt's garlic-spiked mushrooms with salsa verde.

10. Easy eggs à la Heston

Cooking eggs seems like one of those skills you should’ve mastered as a child, but sometimes spot-on results are discouragingly elusive. Lucky for us egg-heads, culinary wizard Heston Blumenthal has shared his foolproof recipes for the oval ingredient. Whether you want to poach perfectly, scramble like a pro or taste soft-boiled success, the British chef is bringing easy eggs back.

11. Feel fantastical again

For more recipes from our favourite culinary wizard, tune into Heston's Fantastical Food (8.30pm Thursdays on SBS ONE). In this playful series about childhood food and British classics, Heston creates a two-metre tall egg-and-soldiers, super-sized “dunkgestives” and an epic pot of tea. For a zany, Heston-inspired breakfast-cum-dessert, try maple syrup and brown sugar tart with caramel apples and pancake ice-cream via Feast.

For more recipes to steel your resolve, check out our recovery food collection here.


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