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Lindsey S. Love had food sensitivities from a young age, but never paid much attention to them. As she aged, and they worsened, she took the advice of a nutritionist, who urged her to reconsider what she was putting in her body. She scrapped gluten and dairy from her diet and then started a blog, dolly and oatmeal, to trace her experience and share the lessons she learned along the way with others. Fast forward four years and Lindsey eats a mainly plant-based diet and fresh seasonal produce guides her cooking. Most importantly, the New York native is happier and healthy. Her blog has also reached new heights; it’s taken out a slew of awards for Lindsey’s inventive, nourishing and well-written recipes, crisp, clean photographic style and charming anecdotes. It also rates with readers as one of the blogoshpere’s most popular special diet blogs and, as she offers substitutes, folks not following a vegan or gluten-free lifestyle love it, too. For autumn, Lindsey looks to warming meals and richer ingredients, from a nut-laden granola and sweet potato chip sandwich to grape and quinoa salad and roasted carrot with fennel seed and apple.

“I love letting the season guide what I’m cooking; it’s all about cooking in the moment and being mindful that produce peaks at certain times of the year. It makes it all a bit more connected to the natural flow of things.”

“Whether it’s stalks of asparagus plucked from the ground, or sweet juicy peaches from the tree, food is most vibrant and exciting when consumed at its freshest. While some are mournful saying goodbye to summer, I find the first signs of autumn a welcome sight. To me, it means warmer meals, a slower pace and a shift in culinary focus; preparing stews, soups, hearty salads and more indulgent baked goods. I really enjoy the process of developing and mixing flavours in soups – be it various varieties of winter squash (pumpkin) with warming spices – or standing over a big pot of stew whilst sipping a cup of tea, or dreaming up the cosiest of breakfasts to share with my husband. These are some recipes that highlight autumn’s vibrancy for me.”


The must-cook recipe on my website is… Kabocha squash [Japanese pumpkin], fennel and ginger soup with spicy coconut cream.


I can’t wait to go back to… Costa Rica and eat gallo pinto [rice and beans] and a tico breakfast.


My current food obsession is… Sumac! My favourite way to use it is in roasted vegetables and added into flatbread dough. And I love it in tahini.


Eating… Soft-boiled eggs mashed with crunchy toast takes me back to when I was a child and my grandfather would make breakfast for me.


Nugget of cooking wisdom… Taste and season, then taste again!


I learnt to cook from… Intuition, lots and lots of cookbooks, the internet, and my parents from time to time.


Wholesome food means… Food with integrity.


Friends always ask me to cook my… Vegan frozen salted s’mores from last summer.


The one thing I can’t cook is… Fish. No matter how much I practice, I either overcook or undercook it. It’s been an expensive adventure.


I always have… Jars and jars of grains, beans and nuts in my pantry; kale, tahini and eggs in my fridge; and frozen summer berries, leftover sauces or pesto in my freezer.


My most sauce-splattered cookbook is… Jerusalem.



Top picks from dolly and oatmeal


1. Superfood granola with homemade almond-macadamia milk

2. Spicy sweet potato chip and avocado sammie

3. Warm sautéed grapes, autumn kale and edamame salad with shiso vinaigrette

4. Fennel-roasted carrot and eschalot salad with shaved apples


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