This week in Kitchen Farmacy – our food lover's blog where good health and great taste come together, with recipes to nourish the soul and body – we bring you holistic wellness coach and food blogger Jordanna Levin from The Inspired Table.
21 May 2015 - 4:03 PM  UPDATED 25 May 2015 - 9:00 AM

Jordanna Levin is a big believer in the nourishing power of food. With this in mind, she spends her days teaching others how to approach cooking and how to eat with inspired mindfulness through her classes, coaching sessions and stunning blog, The Inspired Table.

“Mindful eating is tapping intuitively into what your body wants; it’s the best way for people to work out what foods work for them and what foods they should avoid,” she explains. “No two bodies are the same, which means there’s not one diet that will work for everybody. I don’t believe in deprivation and restriction; I always encourage people to add nourishing and nutritious practices into their life before removing anything.”


Why did you start your blog?

“I’ve been in the food publishing industry for the past 10 years working for some of Australia’s most popular food magazines, cookbooks and websites. But no matter how high I climbed the corporate ladder and how much I loved the content of the work, there was always a restriction on what type of work I could produce. So I decided to do my own thing – and the response has been mind-blowing. I now have a space where I can share my signature recipes, health and food philosophies and life musings.”


As a health coach, what’s the one thing you wish everyone knew about food?

“Often it has less to do with what you’re eating, but instead how you feel about the food you’re eating. If you’re stressed and anxious about what’s going in your mouth, it doesn’t matter if it’s a superfood salad or a chocolate muffin, your body’s stress response can be just as damaging to your health. Food should be a source of nourishment and enjoyment; once you change your perspective, the shifts are monumental.”


How do you feel when you’re eating?

“These days I focus on being mindful, relaxed and nourished when I eat. It seriously has made all the difference.”


Tell us about your Inspired Eating Guides 

“To maintain a successfully healthy life you need to be able to prepare your own food, otherwise it’s only a matter of time before you fall off the wagon. My mission with the Inspired Eating Guides is to eliminate the stress associated with eating well. Too often people think that healthy eating is time consuming, expensive and too much effort. These guides come with a seven-day eating plan, recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a comprehensive shopping list so you don’t have to worry about a thing, I’ve taken care of it for you.”


Who taught you to cook?

“I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mama as a kid and I was obsessed with cookbooks and cooking shows, often choosing them over fairy tales and cartoons. I’ve also learnt from some amazing food editors over the years and I’ve studied commercial cookery and spent time doing the hard yards in cafe kitchens. But to be honest with you a lot of my cooking skills are intuitive or, perhaps, genetic. My grandmother was a passionate cook, and although we lived in different countries, my family sees a lot of her culinary qualities in me.”


What do friends beg you to cook for them?

“It’s usually whatever’s on the blog that week, but my bliss balls (like these cacao and cardamom balls), salted carob crunch and anything chocolatey (try these fudgey beetroot brownies) usually go down a treat.”


The Inspired Table’s top picks


1. Buckwheat and coconut granola clusters

2. Turmeric crêpes

3. Chamomile, manuka honey and raspberry jellies

4. Quinoa and chia porridge


Kitchen Farmacy Editor Kris Franken


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