This week in Kitchen Farmacy – our food lover's blog where good health and great taste come together, with recipes to nourish the soul and body – we bring you Heather Poire, passionate blogger, keen photographer and creative recipe writer on Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes.
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Growing up on the breathtaking shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, Heather Poire from Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes fell in love with the area for its landscapes in early spring, strawberries at the start of summer, wild blueberries in August, and apple picking in autumn.

“Some of my earliest memories are of my Gram, cousin and I making blueberry pancakes the morning after a weekend sleepover,” she tells us. “From there, Mum allowed my sister and I to get creative in the kitchen from an early age.”


What’s your food philosophy?

“Never be afraid to make mistakes in the kitchen. You can make the most amazing food using seasonal ingredients locally sourced, good quality seasonings and a little creativity. The more you cook and bake the more comfortable you become with the food you are working with. Confidence in the kitchen is key - never apologise for a dish that is less than perfect, learn from it and move on – laugh about it.”


Why is seasonal and local food so important?

“Local food tastes the best! I love imperfect fruits and vegetables that are either grown myself or found at the farmers market. The connections I’ve made with the local farmers and their families are also pretty amazing. I love supporting local business and creating new relationships within my community.”


When did you become a vegan?

“After two weeks of dating my partner, Justin, a vegetarian, I too became a vegetarian! Six years later I went vegan and my health improved dramatically. When I became vegan I really started to branch out creating my own recipes and becoming super adventurous in the kitchen.”


Can you tell us about living with Crohn’s disease?

“In 2008 I became ill with Crohn’s disease. In my case, the illness affected my stomach. My stomach was angry, furious even. I was nauseous all the time, if I did manage to eat anything I couldn’t keep it down. I wasn’t sleeping and felt completely horrible 95 per cent of the time, this went on for about two-and-a-half years. It took a long time to be diagnosed!”


When did you begin to heal?

“After my 2011 diagnosis, I had to allow my stomach to heal and accept food - I really had to learn to fall in love with food all over again. The start of my healing process was also the start of my blog. Giving up all animal products did the trick. Since becoming vegan, I have not had a flare up. There is no cure for Crohn’s; you simply have to keep your disease in check (remission). I truly believe that my vegan diet is the main reason I have not experienced a flare up in four years, and I’m off all medication.”


How do you feel these days?

“Amazing! I look back and can’t believe how sick I was. I have my life back, sometimes I forget I have a chronic illness, it no longer takes over my life.”


What’s been the most popular recipe on your blog?

Walnut bella ‘meatball’ subs... total vegan comfort food and a super-easy recipe to create at home. They are also great with spaghetti and sauce.”


What do friends beg you to make for them?

Smoky tempeh sliders. They taste amazing, are easy to eat and pair well with a cold beer or glass of Prosecco.”



Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes’s top picks

1. Maple-chipotle sweet potato burger

Maple-chipotle sweet potato burger

2. Chocolate decadence cake

Chocolate decadence cake

3. Butternut squash and apple bisque


4. Farro and sweet dumpling squash tartlettes


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