• Dig in to a stack of golden waffles - perhaps topped with sweet, sticky caramelised pineapple! (Bondi Harvest)Source: Bondi Harvest
From sweet stacks to a fried chicken combo, these golden creations are the perfect reason to whip out the waffle iron (or turn bought waffles into something special!)
21 Aug 2015 - 1:13 PM  UPDATED 27 Feb 2020 - 10:24 AM

1.  Waffles and caramel, oh my

Two baby waffles AND a generous dollop of that rich, thick, indulgent South American caramel, dulce de leche? Yes please! This salted caramel cardamom dulce de leche is the perfect partner for crisp waffle biscuits. Buy the biscuits, make the dulce de leche (so easy!) and pour a glass of milk. Sweet! 

2. Swedish waffles with a twist

Racehl Khoo's move to Sweden has introduced her to many new dishes and recipes - and she loves putting her own spin on them. "When it came to trying my first Swedish waffle, it was love at first bite. My Swedish waffles, however, have a little twist on them with a butternut squash ... it tastes delicious and it gives a lovely colour too," she says of this recipe, which she shares in her latest TV show, My Swedish Kitchen (watch double episodes 7.30pm Mondays on SBS Food, then on SBS On Demand). This clever creation works with both sweet and savoury toppings. And more good news: "If you don;t have a waffle iron," says Khoo, "you can use the same batter to make small, round pancakes in a frying pan." You can also make the batter a day ahead. Now that's a waffle recipe to suit everyone!

Roasted butternut squash waffles

3. Waffles for breakfast

Waffle + maple syrup + cream = brilliant breakfast. Make this yeast-risen waffle batter by Matthew Evans and allow it to rise overnight to create a deeper-flavoured waffle with that perfect crisp outside and soft inside. If you're short on time, you can still make great waffles by shortening the batter rising time to one hour. 

Proper yeast-risen waffles

4. Fried chicken with a twist

There's bound to be plenty of fried chicken and waffles being served up for Waffle Day - it's typical American soul food. Take it to a new level with kaarage chicken and waffles with ranch dressing

5. Coconut waffles with carmelised pineapple 

Imagine yourself enjoying the summer sun in the tropics with this recipe from Guy Turland with this indulgent recipe (it's dairy-free, too - the wafles are made with coconut milk). 

Dig in to a stack of golden waffles - perhaps topped with sweet, sticky caramelised pineapple!

6. For brunch, lunch or dinner

This recipe for zucchini waffles with cherry tomato salsa and dill yoghurt is by Melbourne's Rebecca Sexton. At her blog, Dancing Through Sunday, you'll find more great ideas for breakfast and brunch - including another brunch recipe that makes us want to fire up the waffle iron, mash potato parmesan and chive waffles.

7. A little Italian snack. You won't stop at one. 

This recipe for pizzelle salate con vino (white wine and olive oil waffles) comes from Made in Italy with Silvia Colloca. If you don't have a waffle or piZzelle iron, you can make a version of these in a camping jaffle iron. Serve with salami, olives and cheese. 

8. A cheesy grin at a cheesy waffle

Sneak a little veg into your waffle with these (big and small) kid-friendly stacks. These are ideal for a quick supper, unexpected lunch guests and you can pretty much top these cauliflower and cheese waffles with anything you like - roast chicken with gravy, sauteed mushrooms or just good ol' tomato sauce.

Photograph Deb Lindsey

9. It's a waffle-off - Scandi-style.

Waffles are an institution in both Norway and Sweden. The Swedes prefer light, crispy waffles served with berries and cream; the Norwegian waffles are soft and are often folded around slices of caramelised goat's cheese. Adam Liaw's 2 for 1 recipe is begging you to take out your waffle iron.


Watch double episodes of Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen 7.30pm Mondays on SBS Food then on SBS On Demand 

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